Avoiding Expensive Repairs – How to Keep Your Car’s Clutch in Serviceable Condition

Mechanical wear is an unavoidable fact that affects almost every component of your vehicle. Over time, you will either have to replace or repair virtually every part, including the critical ones like engine, transmission, brakes, and clutch. However, proper maintenance and care can extend the life of these components significantly, and save you from a sooner-than-required expensive Clutch Repair in Middlesbrough.

Let’s take a look at one of the essential components of your vehicle, its clutch. Let’s check out a few methods you can use to extend the service life and performance of this system.

What Can Go Wrong?

Several issues can come up with a car’s clutch; one such, and probably the most common, is a slipping clutch. It happens when the friction disc that presses the flywheel against your car’s engine wears out.

If the friction disc is too worn out, it will fail to provide sufficient tension against the flywheel, causing the clutch to ‘slip’. You will have to avail a Car Repair in Middlesbrough and get it replaced. Otherwise, its engine will not transfer a sufficient amount of power to its transmission, and you will notice a significant drop in your car’s performance.

How to Reduce Clutch Wear?

There are several techniques you can implement to reduce clutch wear. Let’s take a look at some of the most convenient ones.

  • The flywheel and friction disc comes in contact whenever the clutch is released. As these parts operate on friction, partial contact will cause them to wear significantly (and unevenly) and necessitate a Clutch Repair in Middlesbrough.

Always remember to depress the clutch pedal and engage the system fully. That will ensure complete separation between the rotating parts and eliminate any chances of unwanted wear.

  • Rapid accelerating and decelerating can put significant strain on both the friction disc and flywheel, causing them to wear prematurely. A visit to a Clutch Repair Garage in Middlesbrough is the only viable option under such circumstances.

Always remember to increase your car’s speed steadily, and to shift only when you see the gear-shift indicator or at the recommended RPM range. Also, try to coast your vehicle to a halt. It will eliminate unnecessary wear to both its clutch and brakes.

  • Also, do not engage the clutch if your car is rolling down from a steep slope. The difference between the RPM of its engine and powertrain will take a lot of time to balance out, and cause significant wear throughout that duration. Ideally, you should shift to 1st gear and keep it around 3,000 RPM to prevent excessive wear.

Regular maintenance is another way how you can ensure your clutch’s long service life. Experts suggest taking your vehicle for a complete inspection and Clutch Repair Middlesbrough every 30,000 miles. Bring it to TMC Garage Services for the necessary services; they have a team of expert technicians who also offer other services like car repair and MOT check in Middlesbrough.

Following these simple suggestions will significantly increase the clutch’s service life. You can expect 50,000 to 70,000 miles if you follow these proper driving techniques.

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