Bald Tyres and its Disadvantages

Your tyres are responsible for creating a direct contact with the road. The outer part of the tyre which is in contact with the road is known as the tread. Generally, the tread of the tyres is designed in such a manner so that the tyres help in proper movement of the vehicle, provide traction and controlling mechanisms. The tread of the tyre also plays an important role in controlling vehicle movement when the control on icy or wet surfaces. Treads have grooves and sipes, which help in enhancing traction and removing waterlogging, thereby enhancing the friction necessary for controlling the vehicle.

But with constant use of the vehicle, the tread patterns of the tyres Longsight also experiences constant stress, and this stress results in wear and tear of the tread. Over time and with regular usage, the tyre tread patterns become worn out such that the wearing of the tread reaches the level of the wear bars, then the tyre becomes completely flat. Such tyres are known as bald tyres. Bald tyres are not safe for driving and thus, such tyres require replacement.

Risks associated with bald tyres:

  • Bald tyres have worn out tread pattern and reduced traction. The reduced traction makes the controlling of the vehicle difficult, and this poses a risk to safety.
  • Tread has grooves and these groves help in channelling the water and thus decrease hydroplaning. Due to reduced hydroplaning and proper water channelling, the tyres can maintain proper contact with the surface of the road and thus gives the driver the agility to control the vehicle on slippery surfaces. But in bald tyres Manchester, the grooves become shallow, and this reduces the ability to eliminate water under the surface of the tyre. Such waterlogging can cause the vehicle to skid and stopping such vehicle on slippery surfaces can become difficult.
  • Driving vehicles in sand and mud is possible when the treads can provide the biting edges which help in digging the mud and sand. But with bald tyres, such tread edges are worn out and thus stopping and driving in muddy or sandy areas becomes next to impossible.
  • Bald tyres are found to be more prone to damages like puncture as they have a thinner tread and it becomes easier for a glass or sharp object like a nail to pierce easily into the tyre.
  • Bald tyres decrease control of the vehicle and thus are found to consume more effort and energy. Thus, they increase fuel consumption and decrease vehicle mileage.

To make your drive a safe and enjoyable one, you must take care of the condition of your tyre. If you notice that the tyre is slipping or wheels are spinning during the rainy season, it may be an indication of bald tyres. Remember driving with a tyre that has gone bald is dangerous as the vehicle controlling becomes difficult in such a situation. So, get the tyres replaced before they go bald to avoid accidents. It is recommended to get your vehicle tyres inspected during every car service, take account of the tyre conditions, and renew them whenever they are recommended by the mechanic. A new tyre investment may be a challenging one, but it is better to spend money rather than risking safety.

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