Basic Measures to Troubleshoot Battery Issues

To move around the town, for going to your office or for picking up your kids from school, you use your vehicle every single day. To help it move on the road, your car depends on its battery. Hence, our schedule and important works can get ruined by a damaged car battery.

Rather than hiring the tow truck to pull your vehicle, it’s time to get into the issue if your car doesn’t start repeatedly. You might have the temptation to purchase another battery, but is the battery the real problem?

Apart from a bad battery, there are various reasons causing failure in the battery. You need Battery Repair Bridgnorth.

To resolve issues in your car battery, here are a few steps to take.

Battery connections Inspections

Your battery may fail due to loose or corroded battery connections. By minutely examining the battery connectors, wires and terminals, the battery can easily be checked. First, you must ensure the cables are connected securely. You may find the source of the problem if you will explore loose cables.

Next, corrosion appearing as blue, green or white blooms must be looked for. The starter can’t draw power from the battery if corrosion is present. With a combination of water and baking soda, corrosion can be cleaned from the connectors and cables. For cleaning the corrosion, a wire brush must be used.

Checking Lights

From headlights to dome lights, your car has a variety of lights. Your battery can die if you leave on any issue by chance. A light can be triggered to stay on all night by something like a door not being completely shut, which drains your battery. Ensure to turn off all the lights after parking your vehicle. After turning off or exiting the vehicle, be patient as some lights are manufactured to stay on for a few seconds.

Voltage Testing

The voltage must be tested with the help of a multi meter if the battery is damaged or causing any issue in the vehicle. The red lead must be put on the positive cable while the black lead of the multi meter must be put on the negative cable. Your battery keeps a good amount of charge if 12.45 volts or more is the reading.

To know whether the battery will keep a charge, the battery must be completely charged and a load test must be performed. Your battery will be tested for free by many vehicle accessories stores and mechanics. If starting issue persists, the test result will depict whether a new battery is needed or not.

Water level

The level of acid must be checked if a conventional lead-acid battery that is unsealed is present. The power of the battery can be reduced by a low level of water. If necessary, the battery may be filled with distilled water. While replacing and removing the caps, you must be cautious. You must prefer the Battery Repair services for this job.

Still, you have issues?

You must refer to a reliable mechanic if you still experience issues with your vehicle.

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