Be an expert in MOT test!

Won’t it be a good advantage for your car if it was always well- maintained and ready to roll? Well, for that to happen it is of the utmost importance to regularly inspect and rectify any damage or replace any issue in case there are any.

The UK government has come up with a new law—that is an MOT test. The MOT is an essential process which after being certified, enables a driver to legally drive on UK roads. Along with this, this certificate is also essential for other documents like tax and insurance. This MOT test has always been an important criterion to be used while driving. It has left perplexed to a lot of people, but it is one of the essential factors for selling or purchasing a car because it lays a huge influence on the value.

The MOT basically means the Ministry of Transport which is a government department that supervises the maintenance of a road. The intention of the MOT test is to make sure there is safety for all the drivers. This is done primarily by forbidding the use of those vehicles which have a technical fault. The MOT Leicester was introduced in the year 1960. This initiative covers every vehicle that is available in the market. In 2018, MOT tests became widely popular and even tougher. These tests examine almost all parts of a car that are—

  1. Lights
  2. Horns
  3. Windscreen
  4. Seat belt
  5. Wipers
  6. Fuel
  7. Emissions
  8. Doors
  9. Brakes
  10. Body
  11. Wheels

Now, these tests are not too hard to pass but they require meticulous preparation. Saving On Tyres, one of the renowned car manufactures and servicemen spills a few beans on how to be prepared for such tests and pass it without any hassles; which means not to pay for any repairs or retests. On passing the MOT test, one receives a VT20 MOT pass certificate.

There are many common questions regarding MOT which most of the people find it difficult to evaluate. Fortunately Saving On Tyres have answered most of them—

What to do if the certificate gets lost or spoiled?

In case if one loses the MOT passing certificate, he can submit the details of the registration of the vehicle with V5C logbook reference details to the MOT test centre. The certificate will get replaced at a nominal fee of £10.

Do all cars need the test?

There are some cars which don’t need to get the MOT test. These are vehicles are either under warranty or the vintage model.

How to check the status?

The MOT status of any car can be checked online with the help of a registered number plates on various trusted websites which are mostly third parties. The government also introduced its website to check the status where the procedure remains the same. One can also look up at the history of MOT by signing up with their email service.

When to give a test?

By looking at the MOT certificate, one can find when MOT is exactly due. The government websites will send an email and text message one month prior to the MOT due date.

For tax and insurance 

The MOT certificate is an important document for filing your car tax and getting insurance for your car. It can be done either online or at the post office. It is advised to fill your tax 30 days prior to the due date in order to avoid any inconvenience.

Is it costly?

The price of MOT tests are at £54.85 and takes less than 45 mins to complete. If anybody fails the test, fees may vary. However, If the car gets retested within 10 days, after being left at the centre, there is no fee.

The local MOT centre can be easily found by browsing through the web or asking your friends.

Can I sell the car?

Selling a car without an MOT certificate seems like a pretty easy option for most of the drivers as it requires less trouble. But is it really so? One can sell a vehicle without holding an MOT but will have to face some disadvantages that come with it. The sale price would be much less and legally wouldn’t permit the buyer to drive on the road. So one has to think twice before selling it. Most likely buyers can be found on online websites as it makes the process quite easy and quick.

What are the usual causes for failing the MOT test?

The most frequent recurring problem in the tests are—

The lights- It means fluctuation in a bulb or hazy lights. It is essential to check them before the MOT test.

Brakes- It means damaged brakes or those which do not respond properly.

Tyre- The legal tyre tread depth is 1.6mm. Regularly check the tyres to keep it maintained.

Windscreen- The windscreen should be clear and the wiper blade must be working properly.

Exhaust- There shouldn’t any unfamiliar noise or smoke. The exhaust system must be working well.

Steering- The steering shouldn’t be too rigid or hard to use.

How to pass the MOT test at once?

To pass the MOT test, it is essential to repair all the faults or any possible damage in a car. For that, it is better to find a garage and schedule an appointment to fix the faults. Keeping an eye on the small parts such as seatbelts, horns, oil, and fuel would help you drive safe and score the precious MOT certificate!

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