Be Aware of the Most Common Tyre Issues and Adopt Ways to protect the tyres

Tyre CityBe Aware of the Most Common Tyre Issues and Adopt Ways to protect the tyresIn various severity and forms, tyre damage occurs. However, the exact solution every time is not just changing or replacing the tyre when damage occurs. This way, you can’t reach the problem source or where the issue lies.

So, you should beforehand know about a few common damages that occur in tyres:

Usual wear and tear

Usual wear and tear is the first and common type of damage in the tyre. This is the reason rotating Tyres Wolverhampton is crucial. The span of lasting for a tyre is never known and every vehicle, driver and tyre is different. So, assuming five years is better.

Tread Wear

Your tyres will gradually get worn down when you use your vehicle roughly on a regular basis and proving to be fatal, the grip level can be reduced greatly. 1.6mm is the minimum depth for tyre treads legally, and to assure that this requirement is fulfilled by your tyres, checking this regularly is crucial. You must buy new tyres if you notice that the tread of your tyre is less than 1.6mm or near to the limit.

Another issue can be indicated if some wear is noticed at the edges or the centre of your tyres. This indicates faulty wheel balance or wheel misalignment. You must immediately contact a reliable garage if this happens.


Camber wear is when the exterior side of the tyres has been excessively worn down. This type of damage is more common and while driving, you can feel the difference. To rectify the issue, you must have a wheel alignment done; otherwise, the new tyres will get damaged.

Wrong Type of Tyre

Suiting various vehicles and ones that are specifically designed for particular use, there are certain types of tyres. For example, high-performance and specially designed tyres will be needed by high-performance cars, whereas a small family car won’t.

It can be disastrous to use tyres meant for a small car on a high-performance car, as they can’t go with the design and power of the high-performance cars due to their specific design. To know which tyres are best for your car, you must consult a tyre specialist before you purchase tyres for your vehicle.

It is crucial that you select the correct ones whether you buy tyres or brand new tyres from a budget selection.

Prevention is better than cure

You must follow these tips to prevent any damage to the vehicle tyre:

Prevention of uneven wear by rotating your tyres Birmingham
Proper tread depth checking
Measure tyre pressure on regular intervals
No overloading of the vehicle
Change the tyres if you see blisters, bulges or cracks
Vehicle alignment must be checked regularly
Pay attention to Your Tyres: If you hear any unusual sounds or feel vibrations in your tyres, you must get your tyres tested at a garage-like Tyre City.
As when required, you must replace your tyres