Be Ready to Scorch the Tarmac with the New Pirelli Tyres – A Class Apart

Anyone who is into Motorsport or racing has heard about Pirelli Tyres. They are dominating the racing world primarily as the leading sponsor and sole tyre supplier for the prestigious FIA Formula One World Championships from 2011.

A remarkable feat! Wouldn’t you agree?

Well, let’s dive down memory lane and see how Pirelli became one the leading car tyres in Manchester and the rest of the world for racing fanatics and regular car drivers alike!

A Revolutionary History

Pirelli was born in 1922, based out of Milan, Italy. They are one of the elites of the tyre industry only behind Goodyear, Bridgestone, Michelin and Continental. With 19 manufacturing facilities spread across 13 countries, they transact with 14600 distributors and retailers worldwide.

They are a tyre giant but in the distant past have launched various fashion projects with the concept of sustainable mobility and renewable energy. Pirelli has also been publishing their calendar, the famous ‘Pirelli Calendar’, since 1964 showcasing the works of renowned photographers such as Bruce Webber, Steve McCurry, etc.

October 4, 2017, saw the re-entry of Pirelli into the Milan Stock exchange, directing its business towards consumer services and products. Their headquarter is in Bicocca district of Milan. Pirelli also sponsors a centre for contemporary art there.

Quite the rapid growth, is it not? Then, it gets more interesting! With the launch of their brand new smart tyres!

What is that you ask? Well, here it is!

Pirelli Connesso – A Smart Way to Drive

The world has evolved in the past thirty years owing to the rapid technological growth. Today, we use technology on a daily basis to store, retrieve and transmit data. Pirelli had prepared the Connesso keeping that in mind.

The Pirelli Connesso is a unique tyre with sensors implanted in the tread groove and connected to an application on the car owners’ mobile phone. That allows the unit to communicate with the owner via an app providing vital information.

How Does It Work?

Pirelli Connesso might appear as a regular Winter Sottozero or P Zero tyre, but in reality, they have incorporated a sensor in the tyre embedding it with artificial intelligence. Its primary job is to collect data from inside the tyre while travelling or parked. This information is then shown on an onboard computer presenting data of tyre condition, wear and tear and its upkeep.

It has a very intricate design and structure, yet it is quite easy to use. A sensor in the tyre groove interlinked with a controlling unit and an app on a smartphone connects it with the Pirelli Cloud.

Its first model can identify temperature and pressure. The data contained mileage and vertical load. Soon, the upcoming models will be able to display even more information such as distance travelled, cool-down time, etc.

Impressive, is it not?

Pirelli also has a varying range of all-season, climatic, 4X4, etc. tyres catering to specific requirements. Thus, if you reside somewhere around Gilgal Tyres in Manchester, you can check out their vast stock of Pirelli tyres. So, now you have a better understanding before you choose your tyres for that beast in your garage. visit

Have a safe drive!

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