Before You Head Out – Pre-Trip Checklist That You Should Always Maintain

Recently, a study by an independent organisation showed that vehicles that are older than 10 years are 2 times more likely to break down in the middle of a long drive. Most of the times, these breakdowns were caused by malfunctions. These studies also showed the most likely reasons for a major breakdown. Issues with the battery and other electrical systems caused 23% breakdowns, engine cooling system caused 11% and tyre damage that required replacement came third at 10%.

Fortunately, a simple pre-trip inspection can decrease the chances of a problem significantly. It is also important to ensure that a car stays in good condition and MOT-ready. The components that you should inspect as a car owner are some of the most vital ones to ensure that your vehicle is in a good working condition.

Let’s take a look at the checklist.

Pre-Trip Checklist On Your Car:

1. Car Battery – Electrical systems and the battery is the most widely reported malfunctioning system of all. Check the battery connectors for any rust or acid residue, take a look at the battery gauge to see if it’s charging properly or not. Also, do not use power-hungry appliances when the engine is off.

Batteries generally last for 3 to 5 years. If you are using an unit older than that, consider replacing it.

2. Car Tyres – A trip can turn into a nightmare if you are stuck on the road with a flat tyre. There are a few things that you have to check to ensure all four tyres are in good working condition.

  • Check if all four tyres and the spare have the recommended pressure level.

  • Measure the tread depth before you head out. Worn-out tyres can be a serious safety issue. Also, it is illegal to drive on UK roads with less than 1.6 mm tread.

  • Check the tyres for any irregular tread patterns. These can indicate unbalanced or misaligned wheels.

  • Take a look if there are any cuts, bulges, or bald spots on the tyre that can lead to a flat.

If you notice any irregularities, take your car to a service garage for repairing or replacing the tyres in Ripley, or in any

other city. Just make sure you do this before you head out for a trip to avoid one on it.

36. Fluids and Coolants – Fluids like engine oil, power steering fluid, brake and transmission oil, and engine coolant are a must check before any road trip.

4. Hazard Lamps, Headlights, And Wipers – Warning lights and headlights are an important component to ensure good visibility when you are on a highway. Check if all the lights are in proper working order or not. Also, check the washer fluids and wiper blades, as a dirty windshield can severely affect your view of the road.

Experts also recommend checking the braking system, engine output, and restocking the emergency kit. You can avail all these inspection and repair services, as well as general Car Service Ripley from MG Auto Motorsport. Guarantee a safe and worry-free trip.

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