Benefits of Using Winter Tyres

Can we wear half sleeves clothes in the winter season? No. Right? Then why should we let our vehicle run without winter tyres? We all must take care of our cars so that we do not get trapped in unfamiliar situations.

What are winter tyres?

Winter tyres are meant for countries where the temperature plummets below 7°C. Winter tyres are not only good for the snow-laden road but perform excellently in rain and mud as well. You must make sure that if you have fitted winter tyres in your car, then you do not forget to carry a spare one too. Because when you do not carry a spare tyre and fit a sparesummer tyre along with the three winter tyres, you would be leading your vehicle to unnecessary dangers.

Should you buy winter tyres?

Winter tyres always improve traction in slippery road situations. They have the tread depths as such that they do hold a proper grip on snowy or icy roads. To move further, we must understand that what winter tyres are:
• These tyres are designed specifically to remain constant and steady in colder temperatures and maximise the traction on snowy roads.
• These tyres consist of softer rubber compounds that remain softer in lower temperatures as well.
• Winter tyres have deeper tread grooves for better dispersion of water.
• The tread pattern is designed to collect snow and improve traction over such roads.

Temperature dependency of winter tyres

Yes, winter tyres do make a difference. These tyres are manufactured to perform well in the temperatures below 7°C. Winter tyres are different from the summer tyres. If the temperature is above 7°C, the driver will observe some noise while driving, along with the reduction in comfort. High temperatures also lead to the poor performance of winter tyres and will increase braking distances and reduced grips on bends.

Time to fit winter tyres

Winter tyres must get fitted before the cold weather hits and must be dismounted immediately after winters. People in most of the European countries, get them fitted somewhere around October and removes them in March.

Alternatives if winter tyres turn cold

Tyre snow socks are a cheaper alternative for winter tyres. Though these can not be used for a long time, but if you want an alternate option at affordable prices then you can wrap up your tyres Midanbury with tyre snow socks. Further these socks increase the grips over snow and wet road situations.

Tips for driving in winter

• Use higher gears and avoid using first gear to move a vehicle if possible. Using first gear will lead the wheel of your car to spin faster, which may again cause an imbalance.
• If the vehicle has economy mode, then it will decrease your acceleration automatically.
• Use the clutch and throttle of the vehicle very gently so that it might not result in the faster spinning of the wheels.
• Apply the brakes very gently and do not turn the steering all of a sudden.
• Drive the vehicle on a lesser speed or if speeded up, then slow it down by reducing the accelerator.

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