Best Models of Agricultural Tyres

Agricultural tyres are essential for carrying out all the farm activities. They carry the load of farming machines. The immense size of the tyres contributes to absorbing the road shocks. The treads are built in such a way that provides a firm grip on the soil. Different types of tread patterns are made for different soil types. It also helps in decreasing the vibrations felt by the vehicle. There are different types of tractor tyres such as high-pressure tyres, low-pressure tyres and extra low-pressure tyres. This division is made based on the diameter of the tyre and tread area contact.

So, what are some of the best-quality agricultural tyres?

Alliance Tyres

The Alliance Tyre Group sells agricultural, multi-purpose, industrial, floatation, forestry, OTR and Earthmover tyres. This brand has a presence over 120 countries. Alliance tyres off-road requirements in sectors such as agriculture, construction, forestry and mining.

The 6.00-16 PLY ALLIANCE 303 FARM PRO TT is a 3-rib front wheel tyre constructed for general farming purposes. It has been designed for long-lasting performance and quiet rolling. It has a nylon construction.

Apollo Vredestein BV 

The Apollo Vredestein Bv was founded in 1908. It has achieved the premium-brand status over 100 years. It manufactures tyres for agricultural and industrial purposes.

THE 4.00-8 PLY VREDESTEIN V20 TT is built for wheelbarrows and modern-pedal scooters. It ensures maximum manoeuvrability. It has a sturdy carcass which acts as good support for agricultural machinery. It can be used as a press wheel on seed drills and planting machinery.


Trelleborg is a leading supplier of tyres in the world. It produces tyres for farm and forest machinery, forklift trucks and other types of vehicles. They are recognised for supplying high-quality agricultural and forestry tyres.

TRELLEBORG T537S PATTERN is a cross-ply tyre. It has a block tread. This quality makes it suitable for turf applications such as lawnmowers. It comes in both tube-type and tubeless varieties.


The Wanda brand belongs to the part of Chinese Tyre Company Tianjin Wanda Tyre Group Ltd. It was founded in 1988. It produces tyres for motorcycle, bicycle and special turf tyres, ATV and trailer application.

The WANDA P301 PATTERN has a multi-rib design built for trolleys, wheelbarrows and carts.


Carlisle offers a line of premium-quality tyres. It began in 1917. It goes through thorough testing and product development. Carlisle tyres are fitted as OE (original equipment) on the machinery. This is due to their high-quality performance and durability.

Carlisle’s smooth tyres are built for professional ZTR mowers. The soft tyres can withstand cutting, and they leave no trace of that.

Veloce Tyres

Veloce Tyres Birmingham is a tyre brand from Taiwan. The brand manufactures high-quality tyres for ATV, turf, trailer tyres and material handling tyres.

3.50 4 PLY VELOCE V8504 TT + INNER TUBE keeps the machinery moving without any hindrances.

It is essential to check the tyre’s size the time you decide to buy. The agriculture industry is vital for the survival and good of the people. Agriculture sector hugely contributes to the economy of the country. Therefore, it is crucial to select tyres that support the soil structure and have ground handling capabilities.

You can also purchase Continental Tyres Birmingham for your passenger cars.

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