Best tyres for your Audi and Ford cars

One of the toughest job for any car driver is selecting the best tyres for your car. It requires an understanding of multiple factors. You need to understand how the features of the tyre will function in relation to your requirements and car specifications. Buying the wrong tyres will not only lead to disappointment, but a waste of money too. It is crucial to understand your driving style, mileage expectations, the type of your car, tyre features (like tread design), and also the tyre brand. Once all this is accumulated and thought upon, only then can one adequately decide which would be the best tyre for them.

This article focuses on cars from two brands- Audi and Ford. These two are giants from the automotive industry. Audi (a member of the Volkswagen Group) is a German automotive manufacturer situated in Bavaria. It believes in “being ahead through technology”. Whereas Ford is an American automotive manufacturer with its headquarters in Michigan and it has recently started using the phrase “Go Further”. Both brands are known worldwide and produce premium cars. Where Ford commands a long legacy in the automotive industry, Audi has developed a sleek sense of style over the years of work.

Tyres recommended for Audi A4

Audi A4 is a powerful, efficient, and intelligent car. It is an artistic blend of technology and aesthetics to provide a satisfying driving experience. The engines have been designed in a manner that they should provide the least fuel consumption but maximum power. Compared to the previous model (Audi A3), fuel consumption has been decreased up to 21 percent. At the same time, the power output has increased by up to 25 percent. The catch of this model is that it offers a virtual cockpit to ensure a futuristic driving experience. Below are tyres recommended for your Audi A4.

Continental Premium Contact 2

This tyre has been designed for premium vehicles. Three main features make it stand out- exceptional handling and control, superior wet and dry traction, and excellent braking efficiency. However, how do these features function? Continental Premium Contact 2 has been designed with 3D groove technology and an innovative tread pattern. These two provide outstanding wet as well as dry braking. It has wide circumferential ribs to ensure adequate handling and control. The tread blocks and the inner shoulder have been designed to provide resistance to aquaplaning; speed stability is also maintained by the tread blocks. It is an exceptionally well-designed tyre because the tread design has is such that it provides ride comfort even on rough roads. The tyre specifications recommended for your Audi A4 are 225/55 R16 95V.

Pirelli Cinturato P7

This tyre is ideal for ensuring a relaxed and comfortable driving experience. It is due to the optimised tread design that has a specific pitch sequence to make sure that the ride is comfortable enough. Cinturato P7 has longitudinal grooves. They provide high resistance against aquaplaning so that safety and control are not compromised. An important factor while judging a tyre is that how good is its steering response and cornering control. Cinturato P7 contains compact central blocks and a robust external area that make sure both the mentioned factors are incorporated in the driving experience. One also needs to consider the life of the tyre. The life of a tyre is determined by wear and tear. An even wear is mandatory for the tyre if it needs to have an extended life. In this tyre, even wear is ensured by an innovative and advanced hybrid material. The tyre specifications recommended for your Audi A4 are 225/55 R16 95W.

Tyres recommended for Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion is a meeting point of technology, style, and environmental responsibility. The car offers three fuel modes to choose from- gas, electric, or a combination of both. It has an Auto EV mode that uses plug-in power to automatically switch to the gas engine, whenever needed. An attractive feature of Ford Fusion is the regenerative braking and brake coach. What’s special about it is that the regenerative braking recovers more than 94 percent of the kinetic energy and sends it back to the battery to be stored for later use. Overall, Ford Fusion is an efficient and reliable car that deserves the best tyres.

Bridgestone Ecopia EP100

The tyre has been made from the ECOPIA compound that provides the needed strength to the radial. It is due to this special compound that the tyre’s carbon dioxide emissions, as well as the fuel consumption, are less. It has an asymmetric tread design that includes large tread blocks. They are situated on the outside edges and improve cornering stability. The tread blocks also increase balance and wet grip. The consequence of which is minimised heat build-up on the outer shoulders. Its O-bead technology provides proper grip between the tyre and the rim; this improves handling and ensures an even wear. Ecopia EP100 has been constructed using high-end technological methods. Hence, it has an increased life span and high reliability. The tyre specifications recommend for your Ford Fusion are 195/60 R15 88H.

Pirelli Cinturato P6

Pirelli Cinturato is an all-season tyre that offers superior dry and wet traction. It was designed to specialise in touring experience; hence, the ride comfort and tyre life it ensures are exceptional. Like the previous tyre, it also has an asymmetric tread pattern (this is what ensures dry and wet traction). The circumferential grooves provide short braking distances even in wet conditions. There’s variable pitching on the tread which reduces the noise emission, and good handling at high speeds is facilitated by the wide central rib. The deep tread grooves on this tyre have been specially designed to ensure an even wear, and in turn, a long tyre life. The tyre specifications recommended for your Ford Fusion are 195/60 R15 88H.

You can find more tyres that would be appropriate for your car. All you need to keep in mind is that the tyre should meet your requirement under the budget you prefer. It is not as difficult as it looks if you research properly and analyse things in detail. We assure you that a divine revelation would not be required for you to decide the best tyre for your car; all that is needed is rationality. If you require the necessary information to make a rational decision, our website might be the best tool for you. We, at Gilgal Tyres, have incorporated a tyre finder tool to help you discover the tyre that matches best with your requirements.

Other than that, if you require Audi tyres Manchester or Ford tyres Manchester, feel free to visit our garage. Our team of experts is always there to advise you and provide any assistance necessary.

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