Better Car Maintenance Will Reduce the Chances of Mot Failure

Every car owner must maintain his vehicle properly to use it for a long time. This is an ethical duty but nowadays, not all drivers like to spend their valuable time waiting in the garage.

Therefore, the Government of the UK has introduced the MOT Southampton. This test is mandatory for every driver. They have to submit their vehicles every year. This rule is applicable to only three years old vehicles.

Car drivers usually ignore car maintenance but they do not avoid the test because of the legal obligation.

This is a clear fact that if you do not keep your car in good condition, you actually increase your chance of failure in the MOT test.

Therefore, it is better to maintain your car effectively and enter the test centre with full confidence.

Read the following list of some maintenance steps if you want to clear the MOT test easily.

MOT Mansfield

See the User Manual:

This is the first step we want you to take. You have to read the user manual that you got with your car. This document has a complete schedule for car service. You have to visit the garage according to the timetable that you find in the user guide.

If you visit the garage regularly, the mechanic will check all the parts of your vehicle for potential mechanical risks. Therefore, you will never find your vehicle in bad condition.

Keep Your Car Clean and Hygienic:

Wash your car consistently to keep it free of dust and dirt. A dirty car will attract germs. Not only the exterior but you should keep the interior of your vehicle properly clean as well.

Check the Air Pressure in Car Tyres:

You have to check the air pressure in your tyres at a regular gap. Proper air pressure is vital for the overall performance of your vehicle. Check your tyre pressure manually even if your vehicle has a tyre pressure monitoring system. Include your spare tyre as well when you check the air pressure in your tyres.

Check the Engine Oil Regularly:

Check the engine oil regularly to keep the car engine in good condition. Serious damage may take place if you do not clean the engine oil that lubricated different components of your car engine.

If you use traditional engine oil, you should change it every 3 months or 3000 miles. If you use synthetic oil, you should change it every 6 to 12 months or 5000 to 10000 miles.

Check the Tyre Tread:

Make sure that you never drive your car on bald tyres. Proper tread depth of tyres saves you from many issues like blowouts, punctures, and skidding. Moreover, proper grip and traction depending on the tread depth of your tyres.

Check the Fluids of Your Vehicle:

It is a wise decision if you check the fluid levels in your vehicle regularly. Read your user manual to learn more about checking and checking fluids in your vehicle.

The fluids you must check and change include transmission fluid, power steering fluid, radiator coolant, brake fluid, washer fluid etc.

Check the Car Battery:

The car battery is an important constituent of your vehicle. It is essential you regularly it to ensure proper power supply to your electrical components. Check the battery for its life and corrosion. Change it if it has completed its lifespan. Clean the battery terminals if you find signs of rusting or corrosion.

Check the Air Filter:

You have lungs to breathe and your car has an air filter for the same function. You have to keep the air filter clean to have a better fuel economy. Clean it if you observe dust or dirt. If the air filter is damaged, you have to change it.

We are sure if you follow these maintenance tips, you increase your chance to get the MOT certificate.

While you submit your car for the MOT test, the tester will check components to find minor, major or dangerous faults in your car.

Naturally, they would not find any issue in your car if you maintain it appropriately.

Generally, minor issues would not stop you to get the MOT certificate. Only major and dangerous faults in your vehicle will be a reason for the failure.

You will see major or dangerous faults in your vehicle if you visit the service station at regular intervals.

Conclusively, visit the garage for proper Car Service Southampton to maintain your car effectively and to get the MOT certificate as well.