Bridgestone – The Largest Tyre Manufacturer in the World…But is that All?

Let us start off this blog in a unique way. And by unique we mean to say – let us start by showing you some of the awards Bridgestone has received over the last couple of years or so.

Don’t worry: it’s not going to be boastful!

Here it goes:

  • Highest rating in CDP’s Supplier Engagement Rating, in 2017 and 2018.

This award goes to the organisation that has proven by its strategies that they are concerned about carbon emissions and the environment.

  • In 2016, General Motors acknowledged Bridgestone as the Supplier of the Year 2015.
  • On the same year, they also received an Environmental Award from Honda Motor Co. Ltd.
  • Again in 2016, they proudly earned the John Deere Partner-Level Supplier Recognition.

Hopefully, you get the gist about what this blog is trying to say here: next time you visit a garage like Flaxley Tyres in Birmingham , which maintains an extensive collection of Bridgestone tyres, make sure to check these products out.

But you must be wondering how all this recognition came by? What drives Bridgestone to always stay at the top of their game?

Let’s Now See Where All This Stems From

And, as always, the answer is in front of everyone – they have a set of principles, values, and a guiding philosophy. They make sure that, whether in Europe or America or Asia or anywhere else, all of their franchises adhere to these set of principles.

What Are These Philosophies And Principles?

Bridgestone Corporation employs over 140,000 in 178 plants across 25 countries.

In order to bring them all together, and move towards a single goal, the corporation decided to stick to the motto set by their visionary founder – Shojiro Ishibashi. And that motto is – ‘’Serving Society with Superior Quality”. It doesn’t only go for products but also service, technology, safety, and everything else.

They have very astutely named this ideology as “The Bridgestone Essence’’.

With such determination and will, it’s no wonder they are the number one tyre company in the world!

Now would be the perfect time for you to check out some of their products. It is only appropriate to start with the TURANZA range because, well, they are probably the best tyres on the market today.


Safety, performance and comfort are the three things that come to mind while analysing this tyre. The structural design and a futuristic tread pattern make it an outright winner.

Here are some features of their latest in the TURANZA range – The TURANZA T005:

  • Thinking of using a set of TURANZA models as your car tyres at Birmingham? You can close your eyes and go for this one. They offer one of the best wet-braking performance.
  • Minimum carbon dioxide emission and enhanced fuel-efficiency.
  • Thanks to a combination of steel and polyester which gives these tyres that extra sturdiness, and thus you get excellent handling and braking performance.
  • Unmatched longevity is another aspect that these tyres provide.



Next comes the POTENZA range. Now, mind you these are two of the most iconic ranges not only of Bridgestone but a benchmark that other brands follow as well.

Mainly built for high-performance vehicles, the POTENZA S007 is genuinely one of a kind in this range. Following are some of its features:

  • Excellent control while cornering.
  • Superb control even at breakneck speeds.
  • Offers you the best steering experience you will ever have.

That’s it. Hopefully, the information provided was helpful and enjoyable to read. Who knows maybe you will even stroll down the streets to your nearest garage and purchase one the next time you’re on the lookout for new tyres.

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