Building the Brand: The History of Michelin

In 1889 the Michelin brothers, Edouard and Andre, on repairing the cyclist’s curvy tyre stuck to the wheel, came up with an idea of making a detachable tyre.

The idea of the Michelin brothers

In 1891, Michelin stated their first copyright for detachable curvy tyre, which was then used for cycle race by Charles Terront and won the long-distance of Paris-Brest-Paris. Succeeding which the Michelin Company grew and innovated. In 1898, Michelin Man, Bibendum, was introduced to the world, and Bibendum was the highlight of Michelin’s has gone through many changes.

Apart from having the noticeable charm on the earth, they developed a spiral tyre in the year 1946, this transformed the tyre productions and reached 100% shares of the market in 1968. After many investments, Michelin became one of the world’s greatest tyre companies and has often competed with Bridgestone to be the Winner. 1,14,000 workers are working in this company today across the world.

The Michelin Guide

Even though the company has assembled innumerable marketing promotions, one of the most impressive and astonishing promotions still gushing today is The Michelin Guide.

In 1900, there were 35,000 photocopies of the initial Michelin guide made by the Michelin brothers, which were made for the Motorists of France, motivating them to steer to the place they had mentioned. The guide’s earliest guide had the maps, fuel station, a list of restaurants, and instructions on changing a tyre.

The Michelin star

In 1926, Michelin began giving ‘stars’ to restaurants. Michelin star is a significant privilege a restaurant can get. When a restaurant gets a Michelin star, it is a sign of success to the chef. After a decade, the three-star practice was started, and each of these had their categories

  1. 1 star: A good restaurant
  2. 2 stars: Magnificent cooking
  3. 3 stars: Extraordinary cooking

At the turn of the 20th century, when the Michelin brothers manifested to start the Michelin guide, France had around 2,200 cars. The government had to start substantial road systems, and gasoline had to be brought from selected pharmacies.

The Michelin’s were directed towards turning vehicles from a souvenir by which drivers went to Sunday outing to transportation used for travelling long distances. The guide issued had a catalog of mechanics and hotels. They went out to put homemade boards that indicated the direction of roads to guide the travellers.

Now, the Michelin guide can be found in 24 countries on four continents.

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