Car Parts That Are Checked During the Mot Test

MOT is conducted every year for more than three years old cars to ensure they are maintaining all road regulations, safety, and emission levels. Failing your MOT test, your license could be suspended, although most of the time, minor MOT fails are given a warning with immediate replacement. During the test, all of your vehicle components are checked to make sure they are working meticulously.

If you are unaware, below find a checklist that would help you ensure the most important car components are inspected before your MOT. You could then replace them or repair them as and when necessary.

Car Brake Fluid For Smooth Suspension Function

This is the first thing that any MOT Test Redditch expert would check. Make sure the engine is cool, and check the master cylinder present under the car’s bonnet. The car’s master cylinder will have information or markings as ‘max’ and ‘min’. Check them and if it is below the ‘min’, top the fluid immediately.

The colour of the brake fluid can tell you a lot about the quality of the fluid and whether you should replace it or not. If the liquid is clear or even amber, it is good to go. However, if the colour is murky brown, the fluid is old and should be replaced. Use chemical strips to check the quality of your car brake fluid.

The Warning And Rear Lights For Safety

It might seem like a negligible factor; however, failure to follow proper warning light guidelines can cause you to fail your MOT test. If the warning lights are not functioning, the car manual will have enough information to help you determine what changes need to be made. Do not let it turn into a major problem when all you need is to inspect the lights.

Not just the warning lights, check the fog light, the rear light, the indicator, and others. If the MOT investigator turns on your engine and your warning lights come on, chances are you will not pass the MOT test. You will probably end up paying more to the garage who would be investing and changing the lights later.

Tyre Condition Determines Your safety Level

Your tyres are your only connection with the road, and you have to be careful throughout and maintain your tyres to safeguard yourself. However, the MOT test should not be the only reason that you inspect and maintain your tyres. There are several tyre damaging factors that could be the reason behind you failing your MOT Redditch.

Check the tyre pressure and make sure the car tyres are neither under/over-inflated. Next, check the tyre tread depth and replace it immediately if it is below 1.6mm or even near it. When you have worn out tread depth, it invites bad handling conditions and can cause your car to slide and flip over anytime. Your car manual will have the necessary information on the required tyred model, size and type needed.

Check Engine Oil Level For A Smooth Ride

For any car owner to pass their MOT test, the oil level should be maintained at an accurate level. The same way you check your brake fluid, do the same by cooling the engine and lifting off the bonnet to look at the engine oil. Pull out the dipstick, clean it to remove any excess oil and then put it back in. If the oil is within the ‘max’ and ‘min’ limit, then you are good to go.

Also, keep an eye on your overall vehicle and look for any leaks or openings that could cause your car to break down. Make sure to check the filters and air conditioning unit. Changing oil is an inexpensive process, and you should check your manual to look at the kind of oil you should top it up with.

Therefore, these are the basic things you must be aware of before arriving at your MOT test centre. However, please do not keep them for the last moment and get your car inspected by a professional so that you have enough time to get everything repaired and replaced.

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