Car Problems Anyone Can Fix

Most of the time, whenever you have to arrive somewhere fast, you somehow run into some problem with your car or tyres. But do not worry! Most car problems can be fixed right away in the spot with only a few tools.

Knowing just how to start your vehicle after the battery dies, is not enough, but if the battery is old, it might be a good time to replace it. Knowing how to replace the battery on your own will save you money and time. However, there are other things that have the best repaired in proper car repair garages in Newcastle upon Tyne. Below are the most common car problems that you can easily repair by yourself and how to avoid them, so next time you encounter any of these issues, you will be able to solve them without spending a dime.

Tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne

Flat Tyre

In the best scenario, your truck or car’s manual tells you the best way to change your tyres, but in real life, there are all sorts of surprises: a rusted wheel, an underinflated spare tyre, lug nuts which will not budge, etc.

Frequently, a blowout is caused after running over potholes, a nail, a curb, or other sharps objects. Certainly, you will always be able to replace a punctured tyre with your spare one, although if you simply keep some tyre sealant as well, you will temporarily repair your original tyre and keep driving. This special sealant will cover the puncture and inflates your tyre so you can reach your mechanic safely for further replacement or repair.

Car Will Not Start

If after turning your car key nothing happens, please, do not give up. We know it is frustrating but before requesting a tow, try to start your car.

Headlight Does Not Work

Yep, most drivers can fix their headlights by themselves! Replacing a bulb is pretty easy, especially when you keep spare bulbs in the glove box. All cars are different, so make sure you check the manual for detailed instructions.

In order to change your headlight, first, open the hood and take off the rubber that protects your bulb. Disconnect the wire and then release the pin that holds your bulb.


Dents can be annoying and unsightly—but can be fixed. It might be intimidating to repair dents yourself, but if you have the right materials and tools, you just need to follow the correct steps to have it done.

Busted Alternator

When your truck or car does not charge, probably you will have to get a completely new alternator.

Blown Fuse

Whenever your lights, radio, or other electric equipment in your vehicle stops working, probably your blown fuse needs to be repaired.

Wiper Blades

You should always try to keep an extra set of windshield wipers in your trunk, so if you notice that any of your wipes are not working the way they used to, you can replace them right away.

Chipped Paint

Some highways can be hard on your vehicle’s paint job. Even small chips and scratches are unavoidable, that is why it is so important for you to learn how to repair or remove flakes, dents, dings, scratches, and chips on your vehicle before the corrosion sets in.

Car Diagnostic Check Newcastle Upon Tyne

Hose Leak

After some time, the radiator hoses will dry and leak. If this occurs, a repair kit will be useful and will help you get back on your way quickly.

These are some car problems most drivers can diagnose and fix by themselves. Sometimes the most common car issues are easy to repair. But you need to keep at least a few tools in the trunk to be able to go back to the road safely and quickly.

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