Car Servicing and You: Nurturing a Healthy Car Service Routine

Let’s say that you got on a flight from London headed towards Amsterdam. Wouldn’t you be hoping that the plane has been receiving scheduled maintenance and servicing checks? That someone has checked if all the gears are working correctly, there is no damage and so forth?

Why should it be any different with your car? If you are not convinced about the need for car maintenance, here’s a stat that might change your mind. More people (1,773 in 2017) were fatally injured from road accidents in Britain than the combined aviation fatality (556 in 2018) of the entire world.

Cultivating Good Car Servicing Habits

Like any other piece of machinery, perhaps even more so, cars are susceptible to damage, wear and tear, and the general degradation in the quality of parts. Almost every component of the vehicle withstands constant pressure and heat. It takes a severe toll on these parts.

Maintaining a regular servicing schedule is paramount to keep these parts working at their optimal and ensuring your road safety. Even apparently small maintenance issues like changing the spark plug or refilling oil can have a massive impact on the performance and longevity of your car.

Somewhat surprisingly, many motorists avoid or ignore the servicing of their cars. Common reasons include lack of time, extra expense and general lack of awareness about its importance.

Whatever the reason, there can be no excuse for failing to maintain one’s car adequately. It is the responsibility of car owners to ensure that their vehicles are safe to drive. Although it’s impossible to eliminate road accidents altogether just yet, one should do their bit to ensure that it doesn’t happen due to the mechanical failure of their cars.

It is, therefore, crucial that you take your car for Vehicle Servicing Royton at the time gaps recommended by your car manufacturer.

How Often does a Car Need Servicing?

Like many other questions related to a car, this one also has no definite answer. It varies between manufacturers as well as the car model.

The general rule of thumb is to take your car for servicing twice a year- once for a full service and again for an interim service 6 months after that.

Full service at reputed garages like Quality Assured Fleet Service involves a thorough and in-depth analysis of the various components of your car. All the essential parts will be looked at carefully and repaired/replaced if necessary. Additionally, the technician will take a reading of the diagnostics codes and determine whether they are within the pre-set parameters.

Consider the interim service, if you will, as a top-up recharge for your car. Some elements require attention every 6 months or so. Things like oil change and windshield wiper replacements are carried out during an interim Vehicle Servicing in Royton and other places in the UK.

If David Cameron was the Prime Minister when you last took your car for a servicing, it’s high time that you go for another. There are some severe consequences of failing to look after your car appropriately.

Why take the risk?


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