Car Tyres 101 – How to Choose the Perfect Set for Your Vehicle

Selecting a particular set of car tyres can prove to be a daunting task. There are hundreds of options available in the market right now, from units that vary only cosmetically to products that offer much safer and comfortable drives. Running a good set of car tyres in Longton or anywhere else in the UK can significantly improve your vehicle’s efficiency, handling, acceleration, and braking capability, and that’s why you have to ensure you pick the ideal unit every time you visit a shop for a set of new tyres.

Now there is a catch; how do you know which tyre will work best for your vehicle? Filtering through the blatant advertisements and understanding what suits your driving style and usage requires some knowledge of the essential elements of a car’s tyres.

Let’s take a look at some factors you need to know to select the perfect set of tyres for your vehicle.

  1. Size matters – Every car manufacturer recommends a particular tyre size that works best with that line of the vehicle. It is necessary that you select something in that recommended size to get the maximum performance out of your car. You will find the reference in your car’s owner’s manual.

If you are selecting aftermarket tyres, ensure those comply with regulations laid by the DVSA. While wider units might give better road grip and stopping power, your new car tyres in Longton should not be more than 3% wider than the manufacturer’s recommendation.

  1. Tread carefully – Right tread pattern is essential to maintain road grip and fuel-efficiency. They are also needed to evacuate trapped water from underneath its carcass. So, before you purchase tyres or avail tyre fitting in Longton, discuss what type of tread will offer you the best balance between road grip, efficiency, and comfort.

Most car tyres usually come with any one of three types of tread – uni-directional, asymmetric, and conventional. Ideally, for city use, you can choose uni-directional or traditional tread pattern for best performance.

It is better to visit a reputed car garage and discuss your driving pattern and usage before selecting a particular type of tyres. Take your vehicle to Harvey Tyres; they stock a wide range of options from which you will be able to choose the perfect unit for your car. They also offer professional tyre fitting in Longton.

  1. Type of the tyre – Every manufacturer makes multiple types of tyres to fit their customer’s requirements. You can choose between tube, tubeless, or run-flat tyres depending on your use.

While run-flat tyres provide an extra bit of safety, they are often more expensive and cannot be repaired if a puncture occurs. For regular city usage, tubeless tyres will be more than adequate.

  1. Labels say a lot – Every car tyre has to meet strict parameters on its wet grip, road noise, and fuel-efficiency. You can find these parameters on the EU tyre level attached with a particular unit. You should always go for the products that have better ratings to ensure you get the maximum out of your vehicle.

So, keep in mind these points mentioned above when you look for a brand new set of car tyres in Longton, and you will definitely find the best unit that suits your vehicle. Although it might cost slightly higher than usual, you will enjoy significant benefits in the long run.

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