Check Out 4 Common AC System Issues and How to Solve Them

An air conditioning unit is a standard installation in an overwhelming majority of cars today. Since it started gaining momentum in the 1960s, the AC has become indispensable for ride comfort.

Save for a complete breakdown; there is probably nothing more disconcerting for a motorist than a faulty AC in the sweltering heat. ACs, like any other mechanical component of a car, are prone to malfunction.

Here’s a list of some common issues you may face with your car’s Air Conditioning in Newark, and their possible solutions.

Problem 1: AC is Blowing Hot Air

Your car’s air conditioning system may not be cooling the same anymore. Here are the commonest of them that result in the AC blowing warm air –

  • Diminishing Level of Refrigerant – AC’s refrigerant diminishes up to 15% every year. Watch out for this if your vehicle is old enough and go for the refilling as the hot air blowing may be due to low refrigerant level.

  • Broken or Dysfunctional Condenser – If the condenser is broken or does not function properly, you need to take your vehicle for Air Conditioning Repair in Newark.

Other issues that may result in hot air from your car’s AC are cracked compressor, idle valves, inactive pressure switches, etc. Take your car to an expert garage like Farnsfield Auto Centre that comes with expertise in the repair of car ACs. They also provide a range of component fitting and repair services.

Problem 2: The Refrigerant is Leaking

The AC’s refrigerant can leak at any point while air conditioning is in process. It may become difficult to identify the point of this leak. While it can leak due to various reasons, the most common place of leak observed is the hose connection of AC units.

Once this area is identified, you may use a sealant to close the leaking point. Or, take it to a repair garage for Air Conditioning Repair in Newark.

Problem 3: Electrical Issues with the AC Unit

ACs may stop working due to electrical issues like wiring fault or a missing connection. These become the most difficult to identify.

Fix your car’s Air Conditioning in Newark by visually inspecting any fault with the wiring and use electrical tape to mend it. If there’s a need, get it replaced by your automotive technician. If you are still unable to solve the issue, take it for further diagnosis to an expert garage.

Problem 4: A Faulty or Dysfunctional Cooling Fan

The AC’s cooling fans need to function correctly for the condenser to receive sufficient air. It may be because the fan has broken or is unable to perform its function due to a blown out fuse, an electrical issue, etc.

A proper diagnosis of the fault can only bring the best solution. Issues like blown out fuse can be repaired. However, if there’s a crack, take it to an Air Conditioning Repair Newark for the replacement.

It’s best to get the repair done during the initial stages only as these are inexpensive. Also, ignoring the issues for long may affect other parts of the air conditioning system, which may get quite costly to repair.

So, care for it when there’s still time!

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