Check Out These 4 Different Types of Tyres and their Applications

In today’s world, choosing between the sheer varieties of car tyres can be a daunting task. You may not be a car buff, and all tyres may look the same to you. So, before purchasing your vehicle’s tyres, you must be sure about which variant will suit your car the best.

The wrong set of tyres may cause a plethora of problems such as tyres skidding on slippery roads during rains or getting stuck in the snow during chilly winter. Thus, it is essential to know about the variety of tyres you can purchase depending on their specific applications.

For example, if you like to participate in motorsports or want to drive a high-performance vehicle, then you will need to buy performance tyres. Whereas, for year-round use, all season tyres are suitable. So, depending on your driving style and several other factors, choose your car tyres in Nottingham carefully.

Here is a list of tyres from which you can choose the best type for your vehicle. Read on to find out more!

  • Type 1 – Standard tyres

Standard tyres or Stock tyres are usually made of harder rubber compound which increases your tyre’s life. If you do not have any high demand from your car tyres in Nottingham, then this variant can be a go-to tyre for your everyday use.

These tyres also offer high mileage and provide a smooth ride on rainy roads by effective dispersion of water. As they provide adequate traction and excellent performance on dry and wet weather conditions, they are suitable for almost all places in Britain.

  • Type 2 – Summer tyres

Summer tyres are the recommendable choice for your vehicle during the warmer months of the year. They have tailored tread pattern and provide maximum grip while driving in dry weather condition.

A few summer tyres can also perform well in wet conditions. They can resist hydroplaning due to their unique tread pattern. Consider the climate and your driving preference before buying your vehicle’s tyres in Nottingham.

  • Type 3 – Winter tyres

As the name suggests, these are snow tyres capable of operating well in chilly conditions. Winters in the UK can be dangerous, especially if you are driving on the slippery or snowy roads. So, your standard car tyres in Nottingham may underperform when the temperature gets low.

To avoid any performance issues during winters, these variants are specially designed to offer better traction in the snow. Also, they have a larger contact patch with a more extended tread pattern, which helps your vehicle grip well on snow. Thus, before the winter arrives, mount an appropriate set of snow tyres from TST garage. They offer wheel alignment and wheel balancing services in Nottingham along with tyre pressure check and many more automobile services.

  • Type 4 – All-terrain tyres

All-terrain tyres or off-road tyres are a category of tyres which is suitable for off-road performance. They contain deeper tread grooves which allow the tread to sink into uneven surfaces. Also, these tyres have reinforced sidewalls which help your vehicle to carry heavier loads. Vehicles like Campers often use these variants to carry higher loads.

Remember that all these tyres have different tread life and performance capabilities. So, before buying these tyres in Nottingham, do consider your driving preference and weather conditions.

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