Checks You Can Perform at Home to Ensure Your Car is Ready for an MOT!

Under the transport laws of the United Kingdom, every car that has been in use for 3 years or longer needs to undergo an MOT test every year. This test, known as MOT, is used to determine the road worthiness of a car.

The test is conducted by the Ministry of Transport and is mandatory for every vehicle on British roads. If your car fails the test, it will be illegal for you to drive it.

What does the MOT test entail?

The MOT in Pickering, like all other cities in the UK, includes a thorough check of all the crucial aspects of a car. The only parts of your car which will not fall in an MOT checklist are its engine, clutch and gearbox.

This test includes checking exhaust units, body, lights, seats and seat-belts, horn, brakes, suspension, seat-belts, tyres, wheels, wipers and windscreen of the car. All of these parts need to be in their top condition to pass the test. Even the smallest malfunction can make your car unworthy for driving.

Worth mentioning, more than 40% of the cars fail to clear the MOT test every year!

How can you ensure that your car clears the test?

Even though it requires professional servicing to detect and repair all the problems in your car, there are a few simple checks you can perform yourself.

For instance –

  • Check brake fluids

You can check your brake fluid levels by pressing the brakes. If it feels spongy, there might be air inside the hydraulic system that needs to be expelled.

  • Check handbrakes

Check whether your handbrakes are working properly. If you need to pull the lever a long way, you might need to adjust its cables. So, make the necessary adjustments before taking your car for MOT test.

  • Check your shocks

If you find that your car is bouncing excessively and is not settling down, it means that the shock absorbers are worn out. Also, if there is extra play at your steering play (if it feels loose), you may consider checking your tyre linkages.

  • Take a glance at your mirrors

Check for cracks or breaks in the mirrors of your car. The wing and rear view mirrors should be in their best condition and you should get them replaced if need arises.

  • Check your car tyres

Requisite tread depth and inflation pressures are extremely crucial for your tyres in Pickering, especially when it comes to the MOT. Ensure that your tyres are properly inflated. Also, use a tread depth gauge to measure the tread of your tyre. Make sure that they are not less than 1.6 mm in depth.

  • Check the lights

The lights and number plates of your car should be clean and undamaged. So, check all the lights and replace them if necessary. Also, make sure that the light wirings are in proper condition.

All these checks are simple enough and can be performed quite easily.

However, these are only external checks. For a vital thorough examination, you must take your car to the nearest service centre. For instance, Add Tyres and Exhausts has one of the best facilities in Pickering to conduct MOT tests. They also provide services such as suspension repair, wheel alignment among others.