Choose a Smooth Driving Experience…Choose Goodyear Tyres for Optimal Performance

Over a century ago, a man named Frank Seiberling changed the face of the tyre manufacturing industry forever. In 1898, he successfully launched ‘The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company’.

They produce car tyres of the finest quality. However, what differentiates them from the others is the fact that it also produces tyres for trucks, racing cars, heavy earth-mover machinery, and aircraft as well.

Long-lasting, high-quality and requiring minimal maintenance, Goodyear tyres save not only your pounds but also your time. This is so because you hardly have to visit the garage for repairing and replacement.

Attractive proposition for anyone right?

And, like all major tyre manufacturer, they also have lucrative deals and sponsorships with various sporting clubs and events. You don’t even have to go far to get proof of this. Just drive down a few blocks, and you are sure to come across a billboard with the name Goodyear on it.

Here Are Some Examples of the Sponsorship Goodyear Is Involved In

Goodyear did its very first advertisement on a blimp in 1925; it has now evolved into something of a legend when it comes to commercial advertisements.

Along with the publicity and positive reviews came attractive offers. Formula One soon saw Goodyear emerging as a successful tyre supplier on its tracks. Not only this, but it also has the most number of starts, pole positions, and manufacturer’s championships.

There is one more sponsorship that might not come as a surprise to anyone who follows NASCAR in the UK. Yes, they are also a key sponsor to the yearly NASCAR event!

Goodyear is also the platinum sponsor of the Bundesliga club, F.C.Bayern Munich.

However, continually evolving and innovating ways to move forward in this congested market is a must. Needless to say, Goodyear is one of the few brands that has realised this necessity.

So, Let Us See What They Are Up To Nowadays

To express its technical ingenuity, Goodyear has come up with ‘OXYGENE’ tyres. The primary function of these car tyres is to limit the extent of carbon dioxide emission.

Goodyear chose the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show to launch this tyre. These tyres have the potential of becoming extremely popular as they have been manufactured keeping the future in mind. The ‘OXYGENE’ tyres guarantee a cleaner and more sustainable mobility, and it is mainly this aspect that is drawing the new generation towards them.

Goodyear for Your Cars?

Who knows? Maybe one fine day you might find yourself at a garage purchasing one of these for yourself.

Moreover, it gives importance to reducing waste and lessening the amount of emissions generated. Given these features, it might very well be a matter of time before everyone starts using it.

However, before you get one for yourself, pay a visit to Gilgal Tyres Manchester. They maintain an extensive collection of Goodyear and other tyres. You will feel more assured after having a first-hand look at these tyres.

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