Choose The Best Tyres For Your Vehicle- Firestone Tyres

An abundance of tyres brands to choose from makes it relatively difficult to know the brand that will appropriately suit your vehicle. Firestone tyres is a brand that will ensure the necessary safety along with excellent performance.

Firestone tyres were established at the start of the 20th century. The company came to be known as The Firestone tyre and Rubber Company. When they started their business, they were just a company of 12 people. But in 1906, through dedication and hard work achieved a sales record of half a million dollar.

The company came up with the idea for the first non-skid tread design and that revolutionised the whole tyre industry. Another significant contribution was made by Firestone tyres when they completely changed the shipping industry by coming up with the first commercial truck used in the first world war. The truck came to be known as “Ship by Truck.”

Firestone tyres is a company that is committed to manufacturing every tyre just the same and hence, ensuring that all the tyres meet the quality standards of the company. Because of this commitment shown by the company, Henry Ford tied up with Firestone to become the original equipment supplier for the Ford Vehicles.

The company produces a wide variety of tyres that cater to the needs of everyone on the road.

Some of the Best Variants of Firestone Tyres are as Follows:

Firestone Firehawk- All Season Tyres:

The tyres of this variant are designed to work well in all seasons of the year. They have an asymmetrical tread pattern with added silica content in high density to the rubber in order to provide enhanced grip. The high silica content is responsible for increasing the life of the tread. These tyres fit in the hatchbacks and sedans quite amazingly.

Firestone Winterforce:

Winterforce tyres come with an unusual pattern of tyre tread with increased sipes and grooves that provide exceptional traction on snow-laden roads. Let the snow be hard or soft; the winterforce variant of Firestone will take care of both. They also cater to the hatchbacks and sedans along with minivans.


As the name suggests, Transforce tyres by Firestone are made to last longer and provide high durability in the off-road conditions. These tyres come with twin steel belts, fastened by the nylon that maintains their shape under conditions where other tyres would have given up long ago and gotten deformed. The tyre is an all-season tyre and prevents the vehicle from skidding in cold and wet conditions.

Firestone is chosen by Ford and is also recommended by us in case you are looking for a reliable brand of tyres. Experts craft the tyres made by Firestone to serve the community better. If you want your own set of Firestone Tyres, you can book them online with us, We, here at Nil’s Tyre Services, deal with every variant of Firestone Tyres Blackburn that is sure to fit your vehicle. For more details, you can call us or visit us. We will be more than happy to help you.

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