Choose the Right Type of Tyres for Your Vehicle

Tyres are one of the most crucial components of the vehicle that contribute to the driving experience and road safety. Your car tyres are the only components that are continuously in contact with the road surface and are subject to continuous friction force and pressure. Therefore, it is essential that the tyres you choose are a perfect match for your vehicle as well as the surrounding conditions. Several parameters such as the weather, road surface, and vehicle type come into play while choosing a right tyre for your vehicle.

Let’s look at the types of vehicle tyres below to gain insight on which tyre is right for you:

Summer Tyres:

Summer tyres, as the name suggests, offer optimal performance in warm weathers. In the UK, summer tyres are recommended to be used at a temperature above 7°C to ensure maximum stability and control. Thanks to their tread patterns, they also offer superior grip on wet roads and are highly efficient in dry conditions. Due to the fewer straight central grooves and sipes, they provide excellent driving and braking performance in the summers compared to winter and all-season tyres.

Winter Tyres:

Winter tyres are the perfect tyres for the slippery surface and sub-zero temperatures. These tyres consist of a compound that contains a high level of natural rubber and silica. The addition of natural rubber and silica keeps the tyre from hardening, allowing to be flexible at low temperatures. The tread pattern comprises deeper grooves and narrower sipes compared to summer tyres. The groove ratio and the number of sipes are higher compared to the standard tyre as that allows the winter tyre to disperse snow and water. The cold weather tyre thereby offers superior traction and interlocking grip on slippery ice as well as the wet surface. In the UK, experts recommend using winter tyres at temperatures below 7°C.

All-Season Tyres:

An All-Season tyre combines the characteristics of summer tyres as well as winter tyres. As they possess combined benefits of both the tyres, they perform consistently through varying weather conditions. You can use All-Season tyres all year long! The tread pattern consists of deeper grooves and uneven sections that suit the cold climate, along with a more straightforward layout with more substantial parts that suit the summer temperature. It is important to note that they cannot surpass the performance of summer tyres in the summer or winter tyres in winters. They, however, still offer consistency and reliability through all seasons that cannot be surpassed by either tyre.

Run-Flat Tyres:

Run-Flat Tyres come as a blessing to everyone who has experienced horrible punctures at the worst times possible, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. A thickly reinforced sidewall holds the shape of the deflated or punctured tyre for a short duration, allowing the tyres to remain functional, and keep your car running to you reach the nearest garage for help. It is important to note that you should not travel more than 50 miles and must keep the speed below 50mph on a deflated Run-Flat tyre.

Your car must be equipped with TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) to use Run-Flat tyres. TPMS keeps a continuous check on tyre pressure and warns you in case tyre pressure drops below accepted values. Without TPMS, you may not notice the puncture and keep on driving till the damage becomes irreparable.

While there was a period when Run-flat tyres were considered irreparable upon puncture, garages in the UK now do repair them unless specified otherwise by the tyre manufacturer.  You must also check with the insurance company for the Run-Flat tyre insurance cover.

4×4 Tyres:

The demand for 4×4 tyres has increased considerably over the last couple of years in the UK. Also known as SUV tyres, these tyres are designed to be driven on all kind of terrains such as snow, grass, and mud. A large tread block, deeper grooves, and a wider tread pattern allow the 4×4 tyres to get a superior grip on challenging surfaces like snow and mud, without getting all clogged up. 4×4 tyres come in the form of On-Road tyres, Off-Road tyres, and All-Terrain tyres. They are an ideal match for SUVs and other all-terrain vehicles.

To learn more about 4×4 tyres, visit this page.

Van Tyres:

Van tyres are primarily used in commercial motor vehicles that transport passengers or carry heavy loads. These tyres are equipped with reinforced sidewalls which enables them to transport heavy loads in most rigorous conditions over long distances. Van tyres offer improved strength and durability compared to standard car tyres. If you own a van, a light truck or any other commercial vehicle that carries heavy load regularly, then Van Tyres are for you.

UHP Tyres:

If speed and power are what you crave for from your luxury premium car, then opt for UHP (Ultra-High Performance) Tyres. UHP tyres consist of traditional wide grooves or V-shaped tread design that maximises the contact area between the tyre and the road surface. Reinforced component and Silica tread compound is added to the UHP tyre to ensure durability and safety in dry and wet conditions. For car drivers looking to gain ultimate sports racing experience, UHP tyres are a perfect choice.

So, identify the make of your vehicle, its daily application, and the surrounding conditions; and choose the tyres for your vehicle wisely.

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