Common MOT Failures in 2018 and How to Avoid Them This Year

Last year has been rough for vehicle owners in the UK. With almost 44% MOT failures in Plymouth and 42.15% in Dundee, it’s not an ideal situation for motorists.

Preparing your car for the MOT test is one of the most challenging things one can come across. But, appearing for an MOT is inevitable. So, there’s no point in complaining about it! Instead, look on the brighter side –

  • Bromley had 73% pass rate

  • Slough had 75%

So if you want to pass the MOT in Peterhead, you’d better start preparing from now on.

Here’s a list of most common failures so that you can avoid them in the future.

Lights (19%)

The technicians will check the condition and colour of your vehicle’s lights and see if the headlamp’s aim is correct. Thus, make sure all lights including indicators are in perfect working condition and replace them if they are foggy or inoperational.

Suspension (12%)

Check if the suspension components are in proper condition. Visit any professional garage and let them carry out a bounce test. It involves applying pressure to the front end of the vehicle and then release. Your vehicle will bounce a few times.

Does your car settle quickly? If not, go for a vehicle servicing at West Road Customs. Apart from this, they also conduct MOT Test in Peterhead among numerous other services.

Brakes (14%)

Make sure your brakes are performing satisfactorily. Furthermore, look out for unusual noises, warning lights on the dashboard and increased stopping distance.

Tyres (10%)

Did you notice any uneven wear and tear on tyres? Or, experiencing vibrations in the steering wheel? If you’re facing these symptoms along with screeching of tyres and your car drifting to a side, delay not. Rush to the nearest workshop for a wheel alignment service before you sign up for an MOT Test in Peterhead.

Also, ask the technician to check the tyre pressure. Top up on your way back if required.

Windscreen (11%)

You might overlook this aspect when you appear for an MOT in Peterhead. But, even the smallest chip in the windshield could potentially result in an MOT failure.

Keep in mind; the maximum permissible damage is 10mm within the driver’s line of vision. The limit is 40mm in those areas swept by wipers. Also, keep your windscreen washer topped up and in proper condition.

Exhaust (8%)

Do you hear any odd engine noises lately? Maybe, rattling sounds coming from the underbelly of your car? Look out for a pool of fluid underneath your car; it could be a fuel leak from the exhaust system.

Also, dust away the rust on the exhaust pipe and check if there are any a small perforation or loose joints. If you find such issues, get it fixed before you turn up for an MOT Peterhead.

Steering (7%)

Are you finding your steering wheel unresponsive? Do you find it difficult to pull over or turn to one side? You might also notice other signs like:

  • Steering wheel vibrations

  • Squealing noises from turning the wheel

Get it solved from a reliable workshop.

It’s always best to prepare yourself to the teeth before you show up for an MOT Check in Peterhead. It’s a welcome move to take the necessary precautions than fail the test because of unpreparedness.

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