Common MOT Misconceptions Cultivated By Many Motorists

Cars of more than 3 years must be tested annually for ensuring that they are safe to drive and roadworthy. As per a study, around 2.3 million cars are due to their first MOT test. But, there is a huge confusion among the drivers despite this study. Around 4% of these drivers are unaware of the fact that their car insurance might get invalidated due to the expiry of their MOT Evesham.

It is admitted by 6% of drivers that they are devoid of any knowledge about the MOT process. Another 8% of drivers say that they are not clear about the pass and fail concept of the MOT.

Among the surveyed drivers, 7% revealed that they are unaware of the meaning of an advisory repair in association with the MOT. Many are unaware of the difference between dangerous, major and minor faults as per the survey reports. About 26% of motorists have the misconception that the guarantee of driving their car safely for the next one year on the road is offered by the MOT.

MOT result categories

Dangerous Fail

  • Has a serious effect on the environment.

  • Immediate and Direct risk to safety on road.

  • Not permitted to drive without repairing.

Major Fail

Cars failing the MOT in this category are unsafe and are risky for other road users. They should be repaired immediately.

Minor Fail

Neither no remarkable effect on the vehicle safety nor any environmental impact. Repair is needed soon to avoid worsening.

Regarding the results of a car failing the MOT, there is a lot of confusion. This confusion occurs especially when you conduct the test in advance before the existing certificate of MOT expires. It is assumed by 16% of drivers that they can drive as per their old MOT certificate even though their vehicle undergoes MOT tests and fails before the expiry of its present certificate. But, this is not always the case.

One month before the expiry of the current MOT certificate, a car can be tested for MOT. But, the anniversary date will be retained under the date of the old certificate.

However, the car is no longer legal to be driven on the road if it falls under the dangerous category. You can’t drive it without repairing it. You will have to pay a huge fine if you drive such a car. You may also face a ban on driving.

You can still drive the car if your MOT failure is categorized as a major fault and your old certificate is still valid yet.

However, if the vehicle has failed the MOT test, it is faulty and this fault can make the vehicle not worthy to be driven on the road. The driver may face legal actions.

Very few drivers think that repairs needed due to MOT failure must be done at the same centre where MOT is done. A quote will be provided by the garage performing MOT tests to carry out repairs. They may also provide free-test. However, these mechanics don’t need to do the repair just because they have done the MOT test. If the MOT failure is because of some dangerous defect in your car, your car would be risky to drive. You need to tow it rather than drive it to another garage.

Some drivers even think that they stay insured securely even though their car doesn’t have a valid MOT. They also assume that if an uninsured motorist with an MOT faces an accident, the penalties he faces would be liable for the cost generated from the accident.

Roadworthiness and safety of cars are ensured by regular vehicle testing when they get old. If a car meets the minimum roadworthiness standard at the testing time, it will be confirmed in a valid MOT Evesham certificate. But, this doesn’t offer a guarantee that your car will run efficiently for the next few years. Thus, you need to perform regular checkups and servicing for your car.