Common Tyre Issues and Guide to Proper Tyre Maintenance

Tyres carry the entire weight of its components other than yours and anyone else’s. Over time they wear out due to constant friction, leading to a variety of problems. Hence it’s essential to watch out for the common tyre issues.

Worn-out tyres will lead to a poorer driving experience other than the obvious safety risks. You may be looking for a garage to replace your old tyres in Oxford. It’s better to learn about some of the ways of maintaining the tyres before you do so. First, let’s look at the most common reasons behind a reduction of tyre performance.

1.Wheel Misalignment

You can spot this wear easily. The tyres will be worn noticeably more on one side than the other. For example, a tyre aligned inward will wear more on the outside, while a tire aligned outward will wear more on the inside.

2. Hard Braking

Driving habits vary between drivers. But drivers who are very hard on their brakes will obviously have to deal with more tyre wear.

3. Camber

Cambering or improper camber angles can happen due to wrong tyre fitting. It significantly reduces tyre lifespan. An externally visible bulge on the sidewall of the tyres indicates damage to the cords inside the carcass.

4. Impact Damage

Hitting an object at high speed such as a kerb or a bulge will cause considerable damage to the treads. Such damages to tread patterns are increasingly detrimental for traction and grip.

5. Hardening

In case of old tyres, the rubber loses its flexibility due to loss of oil and moisture. Low temperatures can also cause tyres to harden up.

Now, let’s look at some of the ways you can avoid these issues with your tyres.

Few Tips to Make Tyres Last Longer:

  • Don’t Overload Your Vehicle

You need to pay attention to how much load your vehicle can take and avoid exceeding it. Overloading increases strain upon the tyres. This raises temperature rapidly and causes more wear. The chances of impact damage also increase, leading to impact failure.

  • Drive With an Optimised Speed

Driving at high speeds over long and short distance raises tyre temperature. The stop-and-go city driving accelerates tyre wear. Stick to constant acceleration and soft braking on urban roads.

  • Ensure Your Tyres are Properly Inflated

Inflation issues occur due to haste and improper monitoring while inflating the tyres. This increases the daily wear on the tyre shoulder, degrading it prematurely. Under-inflated tyres make your car’s response slow and sluggish. An under inflated tyre will also lead to decreasing fuel mileage. Over inflated tyres increase the likelihood of a blowout.

Along with the above tips, fitting your car with the right tyre as per manufacturer specifications can negate such issues.

Get your tyres repaired or replaced by a garage that sells spares while providing services like puncture repairs, tyre re-treading and valve changes. For example, Phillips Tyres in Oxford sells all types of car tyres from top brands, like Nexen Tyres plus these services. Keep your car tyres in the best conditions to get the optimal performance out of your vehicle.

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