Comprehensive Guide to Keep Your Clutch Young and Healthy

Almost all vehicular components need repair or replacement at some point in time. However, treating your vehicle with care and carrying out timely maintenance will extend its lifespan and improve its performance.

Here, you’ll look into one of the essential components of your car – Clutch! The lifespan and performance of your vehicle’s clutch largely depend on the way you drive and the timely maintenance you perform.

However, to get detailed info, first, understand how the clutch works –

Workings of a clutch

Torque– It refers to the rotational force that is acquired as an output from the engine. Fuel like petrol and diesel are the input that is required by your engine to generate this force/torque.

Drivetrain- You can think of drivetrain as a component that connects the clutch to the axle of the wheel. Thus, it helps to move your car by turning the axle and thereby, the wheel.

Now, if simplifying it – clutch acts as a connection between engine and drivetrain. It helps to transmit the power generated by the engine eventually to the wheels facilitating the car to move when you press the accelerator pedal.

If you are looking for clutch repair in Bristol, you must understand why clutch maintenance is so royally essential. Keep reading to understand if your vehicle’s clutch needs repair.

Why is clutch maintenance so essential?

Clutch is quite an important part of the engine considering its function. But it is subject to considerable wear and tear if not used properly. What makes clutch maintenance so important is the fact that its parts cannot be replaced. Once it gets damaged, you have to replace the whole thing from a clutch repair garage in Bristol. A replacement will cost you upwards of £450 which you can avoid by simply following the tips mentioned below.

3 tips to efficient clutch maintenance

  1. Keep your foot off the clutch pedal: The clutch pedal is very sensitive even to a small amount of force. You resting your foot on the clutch pedal engage its mechanism which causes your clutch to depreciate at a faster rate. Be wise and don’t keep your foot on the pedal always. Floor it when required and just let it be when not in use.

  2. Be decisive when changing gears: Longer you hold your clutch pedal down, more it gets strained. This straining causes friction and heat in the mechanism, which is undesirable. Therefore, be quick while changing gears and try to change gears as little as possible. This will ensure less friction eliminating the need for clutch repairs in Bristol.

  3. Use handbrakes to park your car: Don’t keep your car in gear when parking. This puts a lot of strain on your clutch. Instead, use your hand brake. Use clutch mechanism only for purposes it was made to serve. Remember, your primary objective is to use the clutch as little as possible. However, if you do face issues, drop by a clutch servicing garage in Bristol.

If your clutch is damaged, you can go to any local garages like Sam’s Tyres where they exhibit a vast collection of spare parts and trained technicians. They will oblige you with their expertise if you need clutch repair Bristol.

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