Considerable rules to store your tyres

Normally, car owners use multiple sets of tyres, such as summer tyres, winter tyres, etc. Actually, the car drivers have to replace their tyres at times due to the change in weather because only a set of tyres will not work properly in all months. Moreover, the drivers have to change the tyres in the places where replacing tyres in severe weather conditions is legally essential.

Therefore, the driver has two or more sets of Tyres Northampton and store the set of tyres that is not in use. Sometimes, you store the tyres with full precautions and while you check them after the months, you find that the tyres are not in good conditions. Actually, such conditions take place while you miss something that is essential to store the tyres appropriately.

Therefore, we have listed some common rules that are essential to follow while you are storing your tyres for next season.

Store clean tyres
Normally, you should keep your tyres always clean but cleaning the tyres is strictly necessary to make sure the tyres will remain unaffected till you use them again.
Clean your tyres with the help of soap, water and a brush completely to remove debris and dust from the surface. Wipe the tyres and let them dry completely. Now, your tyres are ready to store.

Tyres can be stored without dressing
You should need any kind of dressing or glass while you are going to store your tyres. Actually, these products disturb the natural protection system of the tyres that is ensured by the tyre compounds.

Use a bag to store
It is the best idea you use large plastic bags to keep each tyre. Before you put your tyres in the bag, make sure the bag is moisture-free. Even you should try to remove as much as you can before you finally shut the bag with the help of a tape. If you do so, the evaporation of oils with be prohibited during the storage time.

No sunlight
Usually the sunlight and its heat damage the rubber compound of the tyre. Therefore, keep your tyres indoor. Your garage is the best place to store the tyres to avoid direct sunlight.

Selection of the location
You must your tyres in a cool and dry environment because open air is not recommended for storing your tyres. It is Ok you have used a bag for keeping your tyres but still, you need a climate-controlled space to store your tyres.

Keep them away from chemicals
Ozone is the primary enemy of your tyres. Therefore, you essentially need to keep them away from generators, furnaces, switches, compressors; central vacuum cleaners etc. also, keep your tyres away from lubricants, solvents and fuels.

As you may observe, storing the Land Rover Tyres Northampton appropriately is important for all the car owners since improper storing is certainly going to damage your tyres. So, store your tyres carefully!

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