Critical Scenarios When You Have to Take Your Car to a Garage

This is Money estimates that the cost of car repairs has increased by 32% over the last 3 years. The primary aim of every car owner in the UK must be to avoid spending a massive chunk of their income in car repairs.

As a car owner, you have to give up your lethargy and take care of your vehicle regularly.

Only regular maintenance ensures you avoid coming across a hefty bill for repairs. However, there are a few situations which you may not be able to address. Going for a car repair Coventry as soon as possible helps you avoid high repair costs.

Some of these situations you need to look out for include:

  1. Vehicle drifting to one side

Misaligned wheels are the primary cause of your car pulling to one side. Also, your car’s tyres will start to show abnormal wear when you drive with such wheels.

What causes it?

Wheels may become misaligned when you run over speed bumps, potholes, or curbs at high speeds.

What can you do?

Take your car to your nearest car garage. They will conduct the following:

  • Camber alignment to make your car wheels perpendicular to the road.
  • Toe alignment to make your car wheels parallel to each other.
  • Caster alignment to restore the angle of a steering axle attached to a wheel.

You can head over to garages like Central Point MOT for a wheel alignment. This professional car garage also sells tyres from reputed brands and provides numerous other services including comprehensive car repair packages.

  1. Soft brake pedal

Your car’s braking system contains a hydraulic fluid. When you de-press the brake pedal, this fluid travels through the system and causes the brake pads to engage.

If there is a leak in the braking system, it will cause this fluid to escape. And, when the fluid leaks, you will have a soft brake pedal.

What should you do?

Visit a car garage as soon as possible. If the fluid leaks out completely, the brake pedal will fall flat on the floorboard.

  1. Decreased power and acceleration

The exhaust system of your vehicle is a conglomerate of various components like the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, silencer, etc. Its primary job is to convert all the toxic gases produced during combustion to CO2 and water. This system also expels these out of your vehicle.

What can go wrong?

Any leak in this system causes the exhaust fumes to escape which in turn reduces your vehicle’s power and acceleration. Decreased power and acceleration also cause the mileage to go down.

  1. Engine backfiring

One of the primary causes of a backfiring engine is a faulty fuel injector. The combustion process fails to burn the fuel due to weak air-fuel mixture caused by such an injector. Hence, a significant amount of unburned fuel enters the exhaust system and leads to a backfire.

What to do?

Either you have to have the fuel injector replaced or cleaned. You must head over to car garage for the same.

Although these symptoms are rare, you must avail a car repair in Coventry immediately when faced with the same.

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