Crucial Tips to make sure Your Car is ready for an MOT

Each and every vehicle in the United Kingdom older than 3 years needs to take a yearly MOT exam. MOT checks the safety and road worthiness standards of a vehicle as per regulatory parameters. If your vehicle does not pass the exam, it needs to undergo repairs to meet the regulations.

However, most of these inspections and checks are pretty simple. You can easily give a thorough inspection of your vehicle. This will help in reducing the chances of your car failing an MOT test.

Mirrors and Windscreen

Ensuring clear visibility is of the utmost importance. Hence, before going for an MOT test, check the following out –

  • The windshield should not have any cracks.

  • Damages should not be larger than 10 millimetres in diameter.

  • Fixing loose mirrors securely is a priority. They need to be in perfect working condition.

Light check

Lights ensure visibility and are vital safety components of a vehicle. Make sure to check the following things –

  • Damaged and crack-free lenses.

  • Stop lights, rear and front lights, headlights, reversing lights, number plate lights, fog lights and the indicators are working properly or not.

Tyre Inspection

You should give a thorough visual check of tyres and make sure of certain things such as –

  • The treads should not have any debris or objects stuck in them.

  • Tyre sidewalls have no cuts and bulges.

  • Ensure adequate tread depth. The minimum admissible tread depth is 1.6mm. You may use a coin or a depth gauge to measure the tread depth of your tyres in Pickering.

  • Make sure that tyre type and size is the same on every axle.

Examining the brakes

Checking the brakes appropriately might require an expert. However, there are certain things you can keep a track by yourself as well.

  • Ensure that you have adequate brake fluid levels.

  • See if the handbrakes are working properly.

  • Check the underside of your car and inspect that the brake lines.

Shock absorbers

Worn-out shock absorbers compromise vehicle comfort and safety significantly. Take a proper look at the following –

  • Dampers or shock absorbers should not have any leaks.

  • There cannot be any variance in pressure absorption.

  • Extreme bouncing is a sign of worn out or faulty dampers. So, ensure to change it before taking the exam.

Exhaust examination

Exhausts wear out over time because of salt, grime and other objects which cause corrosion. Make sure to –

  • Fix the loose exhaust securely with hangers, which too, should be corrosion-free.

  • Look out for unusual noises and rattles.

  • Ensure the colour of your exhaust smoke is not too dark or else it will result in the failing of your vehicle’s MOT in Pickering.

Getting professional help is always better. They have the expertise and knowledge necessary for keeping your car in optimum working conditions. Also, they will be able to fix any problems with your car better and will guide and assist you, ensuring your vehicle passes the MOT exam. So, avail pre-MOT services of an expert car service station such as ADD Tyres and Exhausts to get your vehicle ready for an MOT test. Apart from MOT, they also cater to various automobile issues in and around Pickering.

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