Crucial Tyre Maintenance Tips that You Need to Know Now!

Tyres are designed and constructed to be extremely robust and sturdy. However, they are not everlasting. Daily use puts them through constant friction, and that causes them to wear out over time.

Proper maintenance is compulsory to ensure that the tyres function at their optimum level, last a lot longer and gives you a smoother ride. Taking care of your car tyres also helps in increasing fuel-efficiency and decreases the chances of aquaplaning.

Moreover, it is both illegal and hazardous to use damaged Tyres in Blackburn or any other part of the country. There are numerous things you need to keep in check for correct maintenance of tyres.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can do so.

  • Keep a tab on the tyre pressure:

This is one of the essential aspects of a car tyre. It helps to decrease fuel consumption and improves the nimbleness of your vehicle. A properly inflated tyre gives better steering response and allows your car to tackle corners easily. Keeping your tyre pressure in check is quite essential as it also reduces unnecessary wear. Also, too much or too little air pressure can lead to tyre punctures. So make sure to maintain your tyre pressure at its optimum level.


  • Check for any damage and excessive wear and tear:

You should do a physical inspection of your car tyres every once in a while to ensure there is no damage in its carcass. There should not be anything stuck on the tyre treads that might cut on its body. In specific scenarios, it is advisable to replace your car tyres by visiting your nearest service centre such as Nils Tyre Service.

Your car tyre should not have any cut larger than 25 mm. It will not clear an MOT test if it has any.

  • Check its tread depth:

This is another crucial part of keeping tyres in shape. The treads of a tyre give your car grip on the road. Unfortunately, tread patterns tend to wear out over time. It has a legal limit of 1.6mm, so you need to make sure it does not go below that.

You can opt for a new tyre, and if the existing one is re-treatable, you can go for a re-treading.

  • Ensure proper wheel alignment:

Wheel alignment is to make sure that the axels are in proper alignment with the wheels. Uneven alignment of the wheels will not only increase fuel consumption, but you will have much less control than desired. Incorrect Wheel Alignment Blackburn is easily noticeable when driving at high speeds. It also causes a lot of vibration which will reduce your comfort while commuting. Hence, ensure that your vehicle has accurate wheel alignment.

These are some of the ways you can keep in check your tyre condition from time to time. Make sure that your tyres are in top-notch condition to reduce expenditures over the long run.

Oh, and Happy driving!

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