Curbing Air Pollution through a Sustainable Driving Approach

Air pollution is on the rise. The Environment Audit Committee has revealed after a 6-month investigation that close to 50,000 people die prematurely every year due to poor air quality, and it costs the British economy a staggering 27.7 billion pounds for the treatment of pollution-related maladies.

The problem is more severe in metropolitan cities like London. The Mayor of London has recently urged the government to announce an incentive of £3,500 to those who scrap diesel vehicle. The government, on its part, has made stricter emission rules for drivers to follow. The recent changes in the MOT reflect that. For example, if your car has a faulty DPF, it will not pass its MOT Harrogate or anywhere else across the UK anymore.

This apparent urgency is not unfounded. 26% of all greenhouse emission emanates from cars. If England, or indeed the whole world, is to move towards a more sustainable future, curbing vehicular emission has to be the first step. But it is not the responsibility of the government alone. As a car owner, you have to play an active part in reducing the amount of emission from your vehicle. Here’s what you can do –

1. Choose Eco-Friendly Tyres

The eco-friendliness of a tyre is measured by its rolling resistance. When the rolling resistance is high, your car burns more fuel causing more pollution. Therefore, always choose tyres that have a low rolling resistance. The EU tyre label may be incredibly helpful in this regard. Buy tyres that have an ‘A’ or ‘B’ rolling resistance rating. You may find these tyres at independent retailers like HG Motors.

Currently, the best eco-friendly tyres in Harrogate are –

Michelin Green X Series

Bridgestone Ecopia Series

Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

It is also crucial to maintain the correct inflation pressure. Under-inflated tyres increase the rolling resistance considerably.

2. Get Rid Of The Extra Weight

Extra weight adds to the fuel consumption of your car. Clear the clutter in your car to maximise fuel economy. So, if you have been unnecessarily lugging around your bike, ski equipment, dog crates, or anything heavy in your car, get rid of them.

3. Avoid Using The Ac As Much As Possible

Car air conditioners derive their power from the alternator, which in turn uses fuel to generate electrical energy. When you switch the AC on, your car’s fuel consumption goes up by 13-25%.

4. Maintain The Exhaust Well

The exhaust system of your car turns poisonous fumes from the engine into harmless water vapour before releasing it to the environment. When there’s a problem with the system, it won’t be able to perform the task properly, thereby increasing the emission from your vehicle.

5. Save Fuel While Driving

The way you drive determines the amount of fuel consumption to a large extent. Driving at a steady speed of 45-60 miles can save you up to 10% on your fuel bill. Sudden accelerations and brakes are detrimental in this regard.

Emission is one of the reasons that the world is increasingly moving towards electric vehicles. Till such a time that EVs completely replace conventional cars for good, you may follow these simple guidelines to make the world just a little greener.

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