Detect a Faulty Fuel Pump from 4 Forewarning Signs

Vehicle engines need a constant stream of fuel for combustion and power generation. Fuel pumps are tasked to pump fuel from the tank and distribute it to the internal combustion of the engine. Just like any other car’s components, fuel pumps are subjected to malfunction from time to time.

This brings up the question, how to notice the signs of fuel pump malfunction. The following 4 signs will give an idea of a failing fuel pump:

Car jerks and sputters at high speeds

If you’re motoring on a highway and notice that your car engine sputters or jerks, it may be the cause of a faulty fuel pump. This symptom occurs when the fuel pump fails to deliver a constant fuel flow to the engine. Instead of receiving fuel, your vehicle engine gets air. This sudden interruption in fuel intake forces your engine to sputter and jerk.

In the initial stages, sputtering lasts only a minute or two before the engine gets back to its regular operations. This incident confuses most drivers who take it as a sign of dirty gas from the exhaust. However, considering the standard of modern fuel, fuel pumps are more frequently affected.

Your car is losing power in the uphill drive

Motoring uphill puts more pressure to your car’s engine, and it demands extra fuel to deliver the desired performance. If your vehicle’s fuel pump is not in best shape, it will fail to meet the additional fuel demand. This problematic situation puts a significant strain on the pump causing it to fail. Thus, it results in a loss of throttle.

However, a power loss can also happen because of a malfunctioning exhaust. If the burnt gases are not evacuated out of the vehicle, it will cause the engine to choke and lose power. Thankfully, you can remedy this issue with a car repair in Pickering or anywhere else in the UK. Just remember to take your car to a reputed service garage, like Add Tyres and Exhausts, for a fuel pump replacement.

You experience a sudden deceleration

Have you noticed your vehicle is losing power even when you’re stepping onto gas? Did you see an abrupt slowdown? It might be a fuel pump trouble. If the fuel pump is experiencing difficulties, it would not be able to provide the required amount of fuel your car’s engine needs to accelerate. Fuel-starved engine results in deceleration.

Furthermore, if you experience your vehicle stalling when you suddenly accelerate, it may be an early indication of a fuel pump failure.

You experience engine surges

If the components of your fuel pump wear out, the pressure in the fuel line becomes inconsistent. You might experience a sudden acceleration even if you’re not operating the gas pedal, which will be followed by a failure to start. It might be the result of a surge.

You need to take your car for repair the moment you notice any such signs. Now it might be other causes for engine failure other than fuel pump issue. To make sure of the appropriate problem seek professional advice from reputed workshops and take your vehicle for a car repair in Pickering.

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