Determine Whether Your Tyres Can Be Repaired or Not

Tyres are made to perform on different road conditions. Tyre manufacturers make durable tyres because they know well about the factors that may damage your tyres. Factors like heat, friction, weather, and unpredictable road conditions are not favourable for the physical condition of tyres. Therefore, the drivers have to be ready for different types of damage like punctures, blowouts, bulges etc.

As a driver, if you find yourself in any tough situation because of your tyres, possibly, you may go for mainly two options.

Firstly you may try hybrid car service Southampton and secondly, you can change the tyres.

Sometimes reaching a conclusion is not easy because the driver is not an expert to judge the present condition of the tyres.

Therefore, he needs expert assistance to reach a final decision.

To help you, we have collected some damage types with possible responses of the drivers.

Let us Start!

Can You Repair a Punctured Tyre?

Surely, you may try to repair the puncture if the object has not made a deep wound in the body of your tyre. Moreover, repairing the tyre is possible if you have to run on a flat tyre.

If old punctured areas are close to present puncture, it is hard to repair it since this area is weak enough according to several attempts to repair the tyre.

Repairing the tyre is not often possible if the puncture has damaged the sidewall or outer tread.

Is It Possible to Repair a Tyre That Has a Nail in It?

A tyre with a nail can have patchwork but with a clear condition. You need to spot the punctured area as soon as possible.

Moreover, repair work can be done if you have not driven your car on flat tyres for a long time to increase the effects of the sharp object.

Spotting the punctured area can be difficult for the tyres that have pre-puncture sealant because this type of sealant is going to hide the punctured area.

Is a Tyre Bulge Reparable?

Presence of a bulge in the sidewall is a clear sign that the rubber of the tyre has weak spots.

In this case, you should not try to repair the tyre. The solution to this problem is looking for a new set of tyres.

Is Run-flat Tyre Repairable?

You can run on flat tyres for a certain distance at a specific speed if you have installed run-flat tyres in your vehicle.

Repairing a run-flat tyre is possible but experts, generally, have a different point of view on this topic.

It is not possible to assess damage in the run-flat tyres after you have covered several miles with the damaged run-flata tyres.

So, it is better for you to buy a new tyre for your car.

Commonly, a seriously damaged Major service Southampton is replaced by the drivers because this is an appropriate option.

If you are not sure about repairing or replacing your tyres, you may visit a trusted garage for expert advice.