Did You Know there are Govt. Regulations for Puncture Repair?

Yes, it is not only illegal to shake or beat a carpet, rug, or mat in the street after 8 AM but also to fix a puncture against inappropriately.

The British Standard Institution mandates the rules and regulation of car tyre puncture repairs under the BS AU 159 norms. All garages providing this service have to conform to this regulation.

So, what are these regulations?

A typical tyre has two repair areas:

  • Minor or the central 3/4th area.
  • Major or the sidewalls.

Garages can only conduct a Tyre Repair in Preston if a puncture is in the minor repair area.

What’s wrong with the major repair area?

The sidewalls or major repair area is accountable for the structural integrity of a tyre. Car garages use a drill fitted with a 6mm carbide mill cutter to make an incision for repairing a puncture. This process can potentially damage a tyre’s sidewall in case one attempts a repair.

How to Avoid Punctures?

Avoiding a nail or sharp object in the road is almost impossible when driving. But, many times, punctures are also caused by internal damages to a tyre.

Some of the ways you can avoid these damages and extend tyre life include:

  1. Correct Air Pressure

You can check the recommended air pressure of your car Tyres in Preston from your vehicle manual. Use an air gauge, available at a nominal price, to inspect the inflation pressure regularly.

The right air pressure reduces premature tyre wear and allows you more steering precision and control over your vehicle.

  1. Rotate Tyres

Usually, the front tyres of your car take the most pressure and wear quicker than the rear ones. Rotating tyres as per the manufacturer’s recommendation evens out this damage and prolongs tyre life. Garages offering Tyre Repair in Preston can also help you out with tyre rotation.

  1. Align the Wheels

Misaligned wheels are not parallel to each other or perpendicular to the road. Driving over speed bumps, potholes, and curbs at high speeds can cause your car wheels to become misaligned.

The consequences

Driving with misaligned wheels causes feathered tyre wear – smooth on one side. Also, your car will drift to one side of the road, and you may also experience vibrations on the steering wheel.

What’s the solution?

Opting for Wheel Alignment in Preston is the only solution. Professional car garages like Star Tyres provide such services with expertise. They also offer other services like puncture repairs, mobile tyre fitting, wheel balancing, etc.

Lastly, checking your car tyres physically once in a while helps you to stay alert of any developments and avoid surprises.

Also, make sure you are storing your tyres in a proper way when not in use. Clean them correctly and use vacuum plastic bags for storage.

A Word of Advice

It is recommended not to drive with a flat tyre as it can harm its sidewalls extensively. When you drive with a flat, the sidewalls are squeezed between the road and rims. Thus, even if a puncture is in the minor repair area, garages may not be able to provide a proper Tyre Repair Preston.