Different Kinds of Tyre Damages and their Causes

For every living being, especially human beings, legs hold the supreme place and role. They provide constant balance to the body while allowing us to tread miles on our feet. Similarly, tyres are also not less than legs for vehicles. They facilitate the balance necessary for a vehicle and allow it to move readily on any terrain. It is actually the tyres that stop the vehicle when brakes are applied. Over time, they wear-down and lose their ability to grip the road. This might be troublesome.

Tyres also need good care!

Tyres do much more than just rolling. Just like we want our shoes to be spick and span, tyres also need to be in proper condition. It is for the safe functioning of the vehicle, tyres should be in a perfect state to avoid the risk of any calamity. But sometimes, they can be seriously damaged as well, owing to the vicissitudes of time and natural conditions.

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Causes of Tyre Wear

Tyres portray a chief function, be it steering, braking or traction, all have a significant purpose in the proper functioning of the car. Imagine an unforeseen condition where a dog comes running in front of a car. Oh dang! It was a close miss, as the driver applied the brakes and the car stopped on time.

Had the tyres been in a worn-out and deteriorating condition, wouldn’t the picture be different?

There are several ways in which your car tyres can wear. To avoid being completely aloof about them, keep reading.

Tyre Slip

Tyres can wear either uniformly or non-uniformly when they are rubbed against the surface. It is usually the slip that causes the wearing of tyres. Slip refers to the relative movement between the tyres and the surface. Due to an imbalance in the speed of the vehicle and tyre’s circumferential speed, wearing can be the result. The degree of slip also depends highly on the driving style of a person.

One-sided wear

One-sided wear is caused due to multiple factors.

  1. Chassis: Another driving factor in the wearing of tyre tread is the arrangement of the machinery on which the body is supported, known as the chassis. Misalignment of wheels can cause them to go out of sync and can, very often, cause one-sided wearing on the tyre. To avoid this, wheel alignment should be checked regularly and corrected when needed.
  2. Camber: The one-sided wear is also caused by camber sometimes. Wearing on the outer shoulder is caused by positive camber, while the inner shoulder wears away due to negative camber.
  3. Incorrect inflation: The tyres can also wear away due to the inappropriate tyre pressure. Each tyre has a fixed air pressure recommended by the manufacturers. The inflation pressure also depends on the amount of load and how the vehicle operates.

Thus, tyres can wear sooner or later. What is important is that one takes care of the above conditions to prevent them from wearing away before they actually should.

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