Different Types of Tyre Damages

Tyres keep your vehicle moving and ensure that you get a comfortable ride. But untimely tyre damages can cause problems and inconvenience. The different types of damages affect your vehicle’s performance and the tyres differently.

To repair tyre damage, you should have knowledge of different types of tyre damages.

Wear and Tear: Tyres start to wear down as they grow old. However, certain tyres will wear untimely. Poor quality tyres will wear down prematurely, and it will also affect your vehicle’s performance.

Premature wear of tyres occurs when you brake at high speeds, or drive a lot on bumpy roads, and carry extremely heavy goods on a small vehicle. This leads to the wearing of the tyre tread. In such cases, your tyres do not get proper traction while cornering and driving on wet roads. This can pose a risk to your life and that of other drivers. You are advised to get a new pair of tyres if your tyres are older than 6 years.

Misaligned Tyres: Wheel Alignment is necessary for your tyres to move in the right direction. It involves fixing the angles of your wheels. If you feel that your car keeps running in one direction, there are chances that your wheels are not aligned. Vibrations in the steering wheel also signify the need for Wheel Alignment. Tyres that are Misaligned will wear more on one side. They may further wear out completely, and you will have to buy a new pair, which means that you will not get value for your money. Misaligned tyres, if not replaced, have high chances of getting punctured easily.

Over/Under Inflation: Air pressure in tyres ensures a smooth ride. You must keep them properly inflated. Over or under-inflated tyres can get you in trouble. Under-inflated tyres can burst very easily.

Overinflation in tyres will damage them from the centre, and the middle part of the tread will wear out quickly. Such tyres have a high risk of bursting at high speeds. Bursting of tyres can be very dangerous for you and people on the road. Always maintain a proper amount of air pressure in your tyres.

Road Hazards: The road conditions in which you drive also affect the condition of your tyres. Driving on bumpy roads at high speeds can damage your tyres. Potholes, nails and sharp objects on the road can damage your tyres. You should always drive within the speed limits to save yourself from road hazards.

How to Increase Your Tyre Life?

Tyres need proper care and assistance. You should regularly get the Wheel Alignment done. Check the tyre inflation every week, so you are aware of the tyre pressure. Also regularly inspect your Tyres Wembley and check for damages. Usually, minor damages, if not repaired lead to major problems. All you need to do is give your tyres a little attention. This will enhance your tyre’s life and increase performance. Read mot Tyres Borehamwood

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