Different Types of Tyres You Should Know About

The tyre industry has seen lots of changes and the evolution of tyres happened rapidly. The earliest tyre was white in colour and now we can easily get the new ones customised. This is how far the industry has come. The tyre market is stocked with different types of tyres. They have been categorised according to various criteria.

  • Depending on the cost and performance tyres are divided into Premium, Mid-range, and Budget tyres.
  • We have seasonal tyres (Summer, winter, and all-season) according to the seasons. 
  • The road conditions change and for that also the tyres are divided into on-road, off-road, and all-terrain tyres. 

Tyre Fitting Shrewsbury

The list may go on but the above-mentioned ones are the most popular categories. People usually buy among them as their usage is not very limited and you also get a lot of variety for these tyre types. It should be noted that Premium Tyre Fitting Shrewsbury can be Winter, summer, or all-season tyres also. These features are mixed to provide better performance and convenience. 

Premium, Mid-range, and Budget Tyres

Tyres made of the optimum quality material are called Premium tyres. They are highly responsive, stable, and grip the road firmly. They do come with a heavy price tag but the performance delivered is worth the price. These  Car Tyres offer great braking performance. Your acceleration is also improved with a reduction in fuel consumption.

With the Premium tyres, you no longer need to worry about your safety. Their strong design and build-up ensure you stay safe. Overall, buying Premium tyres is the best decision you make for your vehicle. 

Mid-range tyres fall in between the Premium and budget ones. They offer performance almost the same as the premium tyres. You will notice only a slight difference between the two. But if you wish to buy a good tyre set without spending much amount, mid-range tyres are made only for you. They are strong and durable. 

Budget tyres fall last in this category. They cost way less than the other two counterparts. These tyres can make an average companion for your tyres. Their performance is not something you would really want. Budget tyres are not very responsive and their handling performance is also not something you would like. They can be used in emergencies but never for regular drives. 

On-road, Off-road, and All-terrain Tyres

On-road tyres are designed to be used on the tarmac or highways. They are also called the Highway-terrain tyres. Their tread compound is designed to match the needs of the road. Their handling, braking, and gripping performance match the highway conditions. 

Off-road tyres are used for muddy and rocky roads. Their tread compound is somewhat hard and stiff. They are strong enough to resist the unpleasant mud and rocks. Off-road tyres are mostly used in commercial tyres.

All-terrain tyres are a hybrid of on and off-road tyres. These are used by the drivers who often switch between the two road types/ they have features that match the different road conditions, be it the road or the mud. 

Gone are the days when we only had one or two types of Car Tyres Shrewsbury. The present tyre industry is a massive one and it offers various options to the drivers across the globe. You need to identify your usage and requirements and buy tyres accordingly.

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