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For any car owner, spending a fat amount on car repair is a painful task. We are all very well aware that any automotive component needs proper servicing and maintenance to ensure that it functions properly. For any car to run as smoothly as ever on the road, regular and proper maintenance and servicing is the key.

Take it from anyone who has spent a lot of money and efforts working and repairing their cars, car maintenance and servicing is a long-time saviour. Irrespective of the car you’re driving, taking proper care of the car is very important. It often happens that we tend to ignore the car servicing schedule to save ourselves from the hefty bills and the lengthy time periods consumed in the same.

Paying attention to the user’s manual should be on the top of a car owner’s priority list. The guide book contains all the information and the guidelines that one needs to follow for a regular maintenance routine. The manual has all the information related to various aspects such as the time interval at which you need to change the fluids of your car or replace any component, etc. The handbook comes with an overview of the parts of the car which need regular examination and replacement.

Here is a list of some preventive measures that you should follow to save a significant fraction of money that you might spend on your car repair.

Do a Regular Diy Check On Your Car

As a car owner, one should be vigilant and look out for the small things that a person can check for himself. Lights, indicators, tyre pressure, seat belts, AC, etc. can be checked on your own. Checking your tyre pressure for the correct air level would ensure a safe drive and increase the on-road mileage. If you hear any unusual sounds from the vehicle or notice any other wear and tear physically, you should consult a technician. The do-it-yourself check-up can be really helpful in identifying any probable defect and will help in getting it fixed on time to avoid further damage.

1. Check Your Car’s Fluids

Checking if all the necessary fluids that you need for your car are up to the right levels is essential to ensure that your car is tuned to work properly. You can also take your car to a mechanic if you don’t know how to check the fluid level yourself. If you think that any of the fluids is below the standard level, you should re-fill it as soon as possible to save yourself from getting into any kind of trouble in the future.

2. Swap the Car’s Belts If Needed

If you’ve read the car’s manual properly, you would know that it is important to replace your serpentine belts at the right time. A seatbelt is one component which is majorly responsible for the driver’s and passenger’s safety. If they are in the right condition, you can use them for a long period, but if you think that they suffer any kind of wear and tear and may harm other accessories, it is best to replace them with new ones.

3. Changing the Oil on Time

If you want to figure out if there is anything wrong with your engine, one way to do so is by knowing the difference between the right and spoilt oil. If the oil is bad, it can easily be identified by some signs like colour, smell, texture, etc. Oils include different kinds of fluids like brake fluids, transmission fluid, etc. and it is important to know about them. There is no particular fixed time interval after which you need to change them, but that should be done according to the need and time which is probably after every 10,000 miles.

4. Examine the Battery and Clean the Contacts

It is very important to know where your battery is placed in the car and check on it to ensure that it does not suffer from any kind of leakage. Although batteries nowadays don’t have much need in terms of maintenance, if there is any glitch like mineral or build-up on the contacts, you can clean it with a battery cleaning brush.

So, all these are the measures that every vehicle needs and can be done by any individual on his own. Always go through the user’s manual thoroughly to know the right way to take care of your vehicle, and make it a point to take your car for regular servicing. Get your car examined at Trade Price Tyres Newport by a team of robust technicians and enjoy a hassle-free driving experience.

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