Drive safely with properly maintained tyres

You may use different means of transportation like bus, car, or train but the design of these vehicles has a similarity. All these vehicles move with the help of tyres.

Nowadays, manufacturers provide high-grade and premium tyres to meet the different needs of their customers. However, you also have to make certain that the Tyres Sutton in Ashfield is always in good condition in terms of performance and durability.

Proper care of tyres increases the life of the tyres. Moreover, a well-planned maintenance tyre schedule ensures that you with your car are safe on the road.

If you have a bad habit of ignoring the physical condition of your tyres, leave this habit forever and read our tyre maintenance tips are given below.

How to make sure tyres are in good condition?

Before anything, it is mandatory to confirm that tyres are in good condition.

Experts recommend some areas to determine the good or bad condition of tyres. if you consider these factors, you will easily catch the areas where improvement is required.

Let us check!

Visual inspection:

You can check the tyres visually for the signs of damages, bulges, punctures, cuts, or tiny holes. Moreover, you must check the tyres for any sharp object like nails or glass pieces that are stuck in the sidewall of tyres to make it weak.

Tread depth:

According to local rules and regulation, the minimum legal tyre tread depth is 1.6mm. Visually check your tyres try to find some signs of tread wear. Balding tyres make the driving risky for the drivers due to reduced grip and traction. Therefore, you need to replace the worn-out tyres as soon as possible.

Air pressure in your tyres:

Checking the air pressure is vital for the safety of your tyres. Experts do not allow driving with over or under-inflated tyres due to dangers of blowouts, punctures, sidewall damage, or irregular tread wear.

You may find the correct level of air pressure in your user’s handbook.

Never forget that you should check the air pressure when the tyres are cool.

Rotation of tyres:

In a vehicle, front tyres are expected to wear more frequently than the read tyres. Therefore, tyre rotation is an extremely important activity to reduce the chances of uneven tyre wear. The time interval to rotate your tyres is usually stated in your user’s manual.

Look at your driving style:

If you are one of those who likes speedy driving, you have to change your habits. Harsh driving, suddenly stopping the car, sharp cornering, and hitting potholes are some risky habits in terms of proper health of your tyres.

Wheel balancing and alignment:

While you consider the health of your tyres, you have to check wheel balancing and alignment as well. Any disturbance in wheel balance or alignment will lead to an increased rate of tread wear. Therefore, include these factors in your checklist as well.

Final words

Proper maintenance increases the life of tyres but ultimately they are going to wear out one day. Therefore, you need replacement or Tyre Repair Sutton in Ashfield, while your tyres are partly or completely damaged. If you are sure you need a new set of tyres, visit Kirkby Road Tyres to achieve your tyre repair or replacement goal.

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