Easy-to-Follow Hacks to Clean Your Car’s Headlights

People often neglect a car’s headlights. Your car’s headlights are just like any other electrical components and require as much care as any other sensitive part. Aesthetics is not the key issue at play here either.

It all begins with what these lights do. You see, they light your way but are the first safety frontier for your car. They alert oncoming drivers of your presence on the road. Imagine driving on hairpin bends with faulty lamps!

Cleaning headlights are no big deal. However, you should not use standard detergent-based cleaners on your lights.

Hold on Right There! No Detergent Cleaners?

That’s right. Detergent-based cleaners are ideal for cleaning a car’s chassis and its body. However, headlights are more technologically sophisticated and can be spoiled by these messy and harsh chemicals. Most such cleaners have benzyl derivatives inside them which destroy the headlight’s surface.

There are some very basic hacks which you can use to clean your car’s headlights. Here are some of them.

Method1. Use Toothpaste!

Sometimes, the easiest hacks are right before us, but we are unaware of their use. Take cleaning headlights with toothpaste, for example. Amateurs hardly know that toothpaste can also have another purpose: of being an active headlight cleansing agent. You need three tools: toothpaste of any brand, a spray bottle filled with water, and a toothbrush.

Once you have all three at your disposal, follow these steps.

  • Rub some paste over the headlight using the toothbrush. Use circular motions to rub it.
  • Use the spray bottle to wash away the toothpaste gently.
  • Using a rotary buffer at the end of the process will result in even cleaner headlamps.

Method2. Use a Proper Cleaning Kit

An-adequate cleaning kit is essential for a car. Since each part of the vehicle is different, a lot of different cleansers are required. In the UK, you can buy a professional car maintenance kit within £30. These kits are enough to do the trick and save you a lot more in comparison to full on replacements.

Method3. Use Sandpaper

It might seem like an ancient method, but it works. There was a time when Tyres Bucknall were also cleaned with sandpaper. However, this method uses more steps than the toothpaste method, which we recommend. You need to:

  • First, use masking tape to prevent damage to the outside of the headlights. You can also remove the lights if you want.
  • Gently wet the headlight area with warm water. Use 400-grit sandpaper to scrub at the surface lightly. Remember to use only warm water.
  • Rub gently and in horizontal and vertical motion. Do not try and rub in circular motions.

A total car repair in Horncastle usually takes care of the headlamp’s cleanliness. In case you find it tough to clean them by yourselves, you can escort your car to a professional service station like Rawdon Tyres.

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