Ensure Your Car’s Safety for Longer Terms When You Are Away!

Numerous occasions can arrive when you have to leave your car stationed for a long while when you are away. You may be going out of town on an extended tour! Or you may be military personnel deployed in some other land!

Or perhaps you bought a convertible for summer drives, but winter is here, and you have to stack it away for a while!

Your car’s build may suffer jams when not in use for a long time. Besides, you cannot let it sit in the parking lot, garage or just on the street. Else, you may return to find the worst nightmares coming true; damage to the engine, a dry battery or maybe flat tyres.

How do you keep them safely stored for an extended period?

Fret not; you landed on the right page!

A few essential steps before storing it for the long-term will ensure your car does not suffer while you are away and busy. Moreover, you can always go for car repair Pickering before the extended storage.

Go For A Thorough Clean-Up!

Any stain or mark from previous drives like bird droppings or water stains can lead to a corroded outer surface. Moreover, the dust and mud accumulated on the wheels can lead to jammed wheels. So, wash it before storing.

You can give it a wax coating for extra protection.

An Oil Change!

If you are planning to leave your car home for more than 30 days, it is advisable that you go for an oil change in Pickering. Used oil contains muck that can harm the engine and render it dysfunctional.

Save The Fuel Tank!

It is another method of long term preservation. You can keep the fuel tank filled with gas for extended storage. To top it off, use a fuel stabiliser. It will prevent the gas from deteriorating for as long as twelve months.

This way you can prevent any moisture accumulation. It will also give protection to engine from any rust or varnish.

Have A Periodic Drive!

Your car’s battery will ultimately run dry. A smart way to keep the vehicle away from a sluggish performance is to find someone who can do it for you while you are away. Giving your car a periodic drive for about 20 minutes will wake up the engine and lubricate the components. It will also keep the battery from running dry. Instruct the person to run the AC as well!

At Last, Cover It Up!

In the absence of an in-house garage, find a public storage facility at a decent price and keep it there. Do not forget to top the car with a car cover that is weather-proof.

Ready To Take It Back On The Road? Check These First!

  • Check for any cracks on the windshield wipers.

  • Verify the tyre pressure.

  • Check for any rust on the brakes.

  • Look for any leaks around.

  • Give it a fresh wash before the drive.

Confirm for any sign of breakage or deterioration and take it to a professional mechanic in garages around you. For example, you can take it to Add Tyres and Exhausts in Pickering for any repair or servicing.

Now take that trip with the least amount of worry for your car!