Essential Car Servicing That You Cannot Afford to Miss – A Checklist for Everyone

The secret of a properly functioning and efficient vehicle is to maintain a proper service schedule throughout its life. Whenever an automobile manufacturer makes a car, they set a service schedule designed to keep it in proper condition. It is an essential part of vehicle maintenance, especially in countries like the UK. Servicing can include 70% to 85% of all the components involved in an MOT, so a timely car service in Totton or anywhere else not only keeps it in good condition, but it also ensures you enjoy a safe commute and clear an MOT in the very first go.

These repairs and services vary in the components they include, price, and procedure. Usually, you might get offered the following services –

  • Interim service.

  • Full service.

Let’s take a look at each of these categories in detail, and understand why services are essential for vehicle maintenance.

  • Interim service – Interim services are generally offered every 6000 miles, or 6 months, whichever is earlier. It is the most basic form of maintenance routine a car garage might provide you with.

Under an interim service package, the garage technician might check the condition of your car’s tyres, interior and exterior lights, hoses and connectors, etc. State of the fan belts, auxiliary drive belts are also checked, and they will top up vital fluids like coolants, brake and power steering fluid, etc.

  • Full service – It is a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle, where the mechanic will meticulously check every critical component of a car. It is generally recommended once a year, or when your vehicle has clocked over 15,000 miles.

A full service generally starts with an inspection of your car’s engine, the engine oil is flushed and refilled, and its filter is swapped for a new unit. If your car has a petrol engine, its spark plugs will also be replaced.

Next, its chassis and fluid control systems will be checked for leaks, damages, and proper functionality. The upcoming faults will be repaired, and if a component is worn out, it will be replaced.

A technician will also check its wheel assembly for any defects. It will include a visual inspection of the suspension system, wheel bearings, brake cylinder, pipes, hoses, callipers, etc.

An extensive inspection of its braking system will ensure both its primary brakes and the handbrake is working as intended. Next, they will check its brake fluid level and condition, and if required, top it up.

Finally, the service counter will be reset to zero so that your vehicle can give you a timely indication when a next service is due.

Because of its complex nature, experts suggest taking your car to a reputable garage, like Totton Tyre & Exhaust, for the necessary maintenance. They have a team of skilled staff qualified for everything from a brake repair to wheel alignment in Totton.

During servicing, the technician will be looking for any sign of trouble and may even test-drive your car at some point. If there is an issue that you have faced while driving, remember to mention it before the process is complete.

Ideally, you should give your car at least one service every year. You will find the correct maintenance schedule in its owner’s manual. Have a safe commute.

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