Essential Details to Know About Getting Tyres Fitted to Your Vehicle

Tyres being the only contact between your vehicle and ground have to withstand a lot of wear. With potholes, uneven tracks and stony roads, your tyres are subjected to a lot of stress. That is why, to ensure that they are performing efficiently, it is essential to check, from time to time, if they are correctly mounted. If not, they need replacement, leading your vehicle to undergo a tyre-fitting service.

Tyre fitting, as a process, is best handled by professionals. However, it is crucial to learn about the process to make sure your tyres are correctly fitted. Below is a step by step description of what ensues when you go for tyre fitting in Merthyr Tydfil.

When does a car need tyre fitting?

A car needs tyre fitting when it is time to get them replaced. Tyres wear down with continual usage Tyre treads, as a result, are the parts that get affected most.

Since it is illegal to drive a car with tyre treads below 1.6mm in-depth, it is crucial to get them replaced before the tyres get entirely worn down. Thus, you should make it a point to avail tyre fitting before your car tyres surpass the legal tread depth limit.

What are the dangers of a faulty tyre fitting?

If not fitted properly, tyres can get damaged and cause other operational problems for your car. Sometimes, the impact of a burst can lead to road accidents involving personal injuries and vehicle damage.

That is why it is crucial to get your car tyres in Merthyr Tydfil checked by professionals from time to time to make sure that the tyres are appropriately fitted.

What are the steps involved in getting tyres fitted?

When you take your car to get tyre fitting in Merthyr Tydfil, it undergoes the following process:

  • The valve insert is removed from the old tyre to release inflation pressure. The old tyre is then removed from the rim using a tyre spreader.

  • Next, the wheel rims are checked to make sure they are in perfect condition and free of rust. A tyre with proper diameter is then taken and matched with the size of the rims.

  • The technician will then coat the tyre beads with a lubricant and use a tyre spreader to mount the tyre on the wheel.

  • Next, the tyres are inflated. During this stage, it is crucial to ensure that the car’s wheel is secured to a mounting machine. If the wheel is not secure, inflating the tyre can be dangerous.

  • Finally, after ensuring that the tyre beads are correctly seated, the technician will increase the tyre pressure to its maximum so that the tyre exerts a maximum grip on rim flanges.

When you take your car for tyre fitting in Merthyr Tydfil, the service centre should follow through with the steps above to make sure that your tyres are correctly mounted.

Many service centres, like Tyreman Merthyr, facilitate a complete inspection of your tyres and offer fitting service if they require it. They also provide services like wheel balancing, puncture repair and wheel alignment in Merthyr Tydfil.

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