Essential Post-Winter Vehicle Maintenance Tips for New Drivers

Winter months are particularly challenging for a car. The frigid temperature coupled with other variables like strong winds, snowfall and sludge on tarmac obviously take their toll on it. So, when winter is finally over, it’s necessary to perform a thorough check-up of your car and perform the required repairs and maintenance. What’s most important is having your vehicle ready come spring.

Here’s a list of the essential car maintenance tips post-winter.

  • Swap the Tyres

When the winter is gone, you need to swap your winter tyres back to summer or all-season variants. If you do not have a set of summer tyres stored from the previous season, head over to Colemans Garage to purchase a new set. They have the most exhaustive range of summer Tyres in Alfreton available at the best prices.

  • Replace the Wind Shield Wipers

Your car’s wiper blades may turn hard and brittle over the course of winter. It may affect your visibility and cause scratches on your vehicle’s windscreen. Replace them with new wiper blades once winter is over. You can easily do it yourself at home.

  • Check the Fluid Condition and Level

Most of the crucial components of a car require fluid lubrication to ensure optimal functionality. It is essential that you check whether these fluids are at an adequate level. You should also check if they are clean. Contamination will lead to a loss of viscosity. The 7 vital fluids that you should check are:

  1. Engine oil

  2. Transmission fluid

  3. Radiator oil

  4. Washer fluid

  5. Air conditioning coolant

  6. Brake fluid

  7. Power steering fluid

  • Test the Air Conditioning

Mould and fungus formation inside the AC vent is a common phenomenon during winter when you rarely use it. Such prolonged disuse of the system coupled with moisture accumulation is responsible for mould formation. If you smell a pungent odour from your car’s AC vents, you should take it to a professional auto garage immediately. Breathing the infected air can be potentially harmful for your health as well as your co-passengers’.

  • Check the Condition of Your Battery

Corrosion on battery terminals is a commonplace during winters. When the season is over, clean the terminals using a solution of baking soda and water. Be careful while unclamping. Disconnect the negative terminal first and make sure that the terminals do not come in contact with any other metal in the process.

  • Wash the Car Thoroughly

The first order of action once winter is over should be to wash and clean your vehicle from the inside out. The best practice, of course, is to take it to a car wash and let their professionals take care of it. If you choose to do it at home, make sure that you pay special attention to its underbelly and the tyres. These parts may have road salt accumulation, which, if left unwashed may aggravate corrosion. Results may include wheel imbalance and misalignment. In case of the latter, it is advisable to go for a professional Wheel Alignment Alfreton for your vehicle.
The seasonal requirements of a car should be met meticulously to bring the best performance out of them. These maintenance hacks will make your vehicle ready for the warmer months.

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