Essential Tips to Get the Best out of Your Tyres in 2018

Here’s a scenario. When a 3000-pound car is moving with an average speed of 60 miles per hour, it is producing around 361,204 foot-pounds of torque. Now, that’s a lot of kinetic energy for stopping.

The brakes cannot achieve it all alone. Tyres play just as important a role in stopping your car. When you apply the brakes, the tyres of your car provide the necessary on-road grip and traction to bring your vehicle to a halt. No wonder terms like better braking distance, cornering, load rating so often pops up in different brands of tyres.

Since your tyres are taking all that weight and momentum of your vehicle, they endure significant friction and subsequent wear.

You need to make sure your tyres are working at their best. Here’s how to do that.

Tips for better tyre performance:

Fit the right tyre

Choose a tyre for your car according to your car specifications and driving conditions along with the weather. During winter, you must change to winter tyres. These tyres are manufactured to operate under 7°C and provide grip in ice and slush.

Change to summer tyres during high summer temperatures. They are made of harder rubber compounds and can endure hotter temperatures.

Another point is to choose the right tyre according to your use. Tyres for a sports car are different from tyres for an everyday use car. Tyres for off-road driving are different from those for on-road driving. Variations among these tyres include changes in tread design, rubber compounds, tread depth, etc.

Maintain proper inflation

This can be done by frequently checking your tyre’s pressure level.

Underinflation results in irreparable damages, such as cracking and subsequent air loss. This increases rolling resistance, excessive sidewall flexing and reduces load capacity.

Overinflating your tyres makes them stiff and generates unwanted vehicle vibration. It also increases the chances of a tyre puncture.

Underinflated tyres or over-inflated tyres will result in uneven tread wear. This, in turn, causes problems with braking, cornering, wet grip and overall traction.

Monitor your tyre wear

Tyre wear is inevitable. All tyres have tread wear indicator blocks. They are embedded into the tread at a certain depth. When they show on the surface, it means it’s time to get a new set of tyres in Spalding.

Wash the tyres regularly

Tyres accumulate mud, dust, grease to mention just a few things which they ride through. Tyre damage can occur for such accumulated debris as well.

For example, any acidic deposition on your tyres will corrode them. Hence wash your tyres will plain water daily to ensure their longevity.

With the wrong kind of tyres or worn out tyres, your brakes will have to work harder. So you’ll need frequent servicing or worst, total replacement of multiple components of your vehicle’s braking system. Go for a brake repair in Spalding beforehand to avoid spending on replacements.

Opt for professional auto garages such as Matmore Motors to set you up with quality tyres from their extensive collection. They also provide services on multiple car components such as brakes and clutches.

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