Essential Tips to Make Sure your Car Stays Cool in the Summer

Summer obviously comes temperatures which can be fun and frolic but not for your vehicle. An overheated car is a huge safety concern for the passengers as certain components may break down because of the heat. A broken down vehicle can make your plan for the summer go haywire.  So, it’s essential that you take specific steps to ensure it doesn’t happen.

Here are certain things you can do to keep a check on your vehicle’s rising temperature-

Park your car in the shade:

Try keeping your vehicle under shady areas to prevent your car’s overall temperature from shooting up. In case you do not find any spot under a shadow, use a sunshade or a car cover if you are parking it for a prolonged period.

Check your coolant level:

Low coolant level is one of the significant causes of an overheated car. A coolant’s job is reducing the heat produced by the engine when a vehicle is running.

So, if there is a leak in the coolant tank or a low coolant level, it will not be able to cope with the increased engine heat. In situations when your car overheats due to this, follow these steps:

  • Stop your vehicle and turn off the engine immediately.
  • Open the bonnet and let all the heat disperse.
  • Turn the ignition to its initial position once your car has cooled off but make sure you do not start the engine. Look at the temperature gauge; if it is back to normal, only then start your car again.
  • If you notice smoke from the engine bay after you have started your vehicle, turn off the car immediately. Call for professional help and get an inspection done. Otherwise, you can get your car towed to the nearest service station and get your engine diagnostic in Loughborough

Open your car windows from time to time:

Usually, when you park a vehicle, you roll up the windows. That results in the temperature inside the closed cabin to rise because the glass does not let any heat to escape. So, it is advisable to leave your windows slightly ajar. If you have a sunroof, keep it open for a while to let out all the heat.

Do not re-circulate immediately:

When a car is parked outside for a while, it will cause the temperature inside it to rise. So, once you get inside your car, try not use the re-circulation feature of your A/C immediately. Instead, open every window and let the hot air disperse before using it. If you use it straight away, the A/C will circulate all the hot air trapped inside your vehicle, which not only increases the cooling time but also makes the air inside stale.

Well, that’s it!

If you follow these guidelines, you will be able to keep your car cool on these summer days. However, these are not the only problems that a vehicle faces. So, if you want to get a general servicing or specific services, like exhaust service Loughborough, done, then visit quality service stations such as Loughborough Refurbs for professional guidance and assistance.

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