Essential Tyre Guide: Things To Know About Tyres And How To Take Care Of Them

Car tires on summer country road Driving a car is much more than getting behind the wheel. Not only do you need to understand the traffic, but also practise care.

When it comes to taking your car down the roads, tyres play an important role. Of course, there’s more to it than just the function of moving forward. You must know how to choose the right tyres for your cars and how to take care of them.

This blog post goes over the basics of tyres.

How to purchase the right tyres for your car: The three essential things to keep in mind

When it comes to finding the tyres that fit your car, you need information. Be it car Tyres Sleaford or in any other place, here are three definitive points to remember:

Make sure you have the right type

Every car is different and serves different purposes. Before you head out to hunt car tyres, know the type. You should consider if you’re purchasing it for SUVs, sports cars, regular passenger cars, or heavy-duty cars.

For this, make sure you understand your vehicle’s requirements. Check the tread depth. The tread depth differs from car to car. If you’re not sure, check the car manual.

Driving Style

Most often, driving style goes unnoticed during the initial stages of purchasing tyres. To make sure that you have the right Falken tyres Sleaford or anywhere else, remember to consider your preferred style of driving.

You can find tyres for different things. For example, for high-speed highway drivers, performance tyres work the best. For those who have city drives often, passenger tyres are the best option.

Consider looking into that. If you’re not sure which kind of tyres suit you, simply ask for help at a dealership.

Tyre sizes

Tyre size is extremely crucial. Wrong sized tyres mean you’ll have trouble handling your car. That said, try to look at your tyre and understand which ones would fit your car better.

Have a look at your tyre’s DOT, which is the alpha-numeric code on the sidewalls. You’ll find it there. And if you’re not sure, you can look at the placard behind the driver’s door. The code on the placard will give you information about width, aspect ratio and such.

How to take care of your cars: A few handy tips

Once you know which kind of tyres you need, you will need to take care of them. Wondering how? Here are a few pointers:

Bumps and Dents

Make sure that you check your tyres for uneven areas. Uneven areas on the tyre surface mean that there’s something wrong with the construction.

In most cases, these are visible superficially. However, sometimes bumps and dents can’t be seen just by looking at the tyres. You should run your hands over your tyres every once in a while.

Take the tyre pressure into account

Maintain car tyre pressure. The information on the right pressure can always be found in the car’s manual. Before you start driving, make sure that you read the manual and pay attention to it.

No Excessive Braking

Braking is a part of driving. Make sure that you’re not speeding and braking until your car screeches. The screeching noise is associated with the tread pattern getting damaged.

Make it a point to do that only in times of urgency and emergencies.

Tyre rotations

Ensure that you’re rotating your tyres after hitting the 8,000 to 10,000-mile mark. Tyre rotations help in extending the life of your tyres.

Bottom Line: Being careful

Keep the above-mentioned points in mind. Always make it a point to read your car’s manual. If you’re the second owner of a car, get some help.

The manual has important information regarding your car and car tyres. These bits help you avoid problems. Also, these nuggets of information help you to make the most of your Falken Tyres Sleaford.

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