Everything You Must Know About Mot

Your vehicles must remain street-worthy at all times. A vehicle that works perfectly fine on the roads is an asset for the owners. However, just the opposite happens when the vehicle isn’t working fine. For instance, a vehicle taking sides on the roads or maybe the tyres on the verge of a blowout are dangerous to everyone driving on the roads along with that vehicle. These catastrophes should be averted on the roads.

However, most people tend to ignore these signals coming from the vehicle. At times, people don’t even bother to get their vehicles checked despite knowing of issues in them. As long as the vehicle remains in working condition, they keep driving it on the roads. But, this can result in some serious consequences later on. This shouldn’t happen to you. That’s why the UK government conducts a test called MOT Worthing on vehicles. This ensures that the vehicles are safe to run on the roads. Let’s know in detail about this one.

What is MOT?

This test is conducted once a year on vehicles that have become three years old. That means, till those initial three years, you don’t need to get your vehicle tested. It’s a comprehensive check on the vehicle and it certifies that your vehicle is fit to run on the roads.

Who Is Eligible to Conduct Mot?

The UK government has approved many test centers for the same. Any center with the logo of three blue triangles is authorized to conduct this test.

What Parts Are Checked?

It checks all the lights of the vehicle (rear and front), steering and suspension, vehicle registration number, tyres, and the wheels, suspension of the vehicle, exhaust emissions, wipers, the oils in the vehicle and brakes are some of the parts checked in the MOT.

What Parts Are Not Checked in Mot?

This test doesn’t check the condition of the engine, clutch, and gearbox.

What Is the Cost of an Mot?

This test costs £54.85 for the cars and £29.65 for the bikes. However, if you can get huge discounts at the garages many times. You need to make a thorough search in this regard.

What’s the Duration of This Test?

Ideally, this test takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour. However, if there’s an issue in any of the parts of the vehicle, then your vehicle might flunk the test and your vehicle will have to appear for a retest. Your vehicle must appear for a retest to get a valid MOT certificate. Else you won’t be able to drive on the roads freely.

Why Do Vehicles Fail the Test?

There can be not one, but many reasons for a failing MOT test.

  • To begin with, there can be some issues with the registration plate. It can be either dirty making the numbers on it hazy and unclear. There could be incorrect spacing between the letters and the numbers. If the plate is missing completely, then also your vehicle won’t clear the MOT.
  • If the mirrors and the windscreen are dirty, then that can cause trouble for you. A cluttered boot is also not good for the MOT test. Make sure you fix these things in advance before you take your car for MOT.
  • If there are any stickers on the windscreen that are hindering your view, then make sure you take them off.
  • The dashboard has a lit-up warning light. Any problem with that won’t let you clear your MOT.

What Can You Do to Clear Mot at One Go?

From your end, make sure you inspect and check your vehicle thoroughly before you take your car for the MOT Worthing test. Retest means again spending money and you wouldn’t like that to happen. The best thing is if you get your vehicle serviced before the test.