Everything You Must Know About Tyre Care

Tyres are a crucial component of a vehicle; they connect the automobile to the road surface. Hence, it’s essential to take proper care of the tyres. Not maintaining the tyres results in issues ranging from irregular wear to early failure. Buying new tyres for your vehicle very often can be an expensive task. Driving on well-maintained tyres ensure maximum road safety and better overall performance.

Get the proper maintenance at Car Repair Whitchurch. Our professionals have listed down a few tips you must follow to maintain the performance of your tyres.

Regular Inspection – Routine maintenance and checks help extend the lifespan of the tyres. One of the indicators of your car’s health is the condition of your tyre tread. Inspecting all four tyres at regular intervals can help detect potential issues that require professional assistance. To ensure the longevity of your tyres, check them once a month. And, also before and after heading towards long journeys. Tyre inspection includes checking the sidewall and tyre surface for damage like cuts, bulges, and cracks.

Tread Wear – As per the law, a tyre must have a tread of a minimum of 1.6 mm across its central three-quarters. However, tyre experts recommend not to drive on the tyres with tyre tread less than 3mm. Anything below that can harm your car’s performance, braking distance and control. Check the tyre tread at your home or get it checked by professionals. Remember to check several spots on the tyre as they can wear unevenly.

Tyre Pressure – Automobile manufacturers provide a specific tyre pressure for all their vehicles to ensure increased fuel efficiency, better handling and optimum safety. Inadequate tyre pressure can adversely affect the tyre’s health.

Under-inflation can cause irreparable damage to the tyre and can lead to subsequent air loss and cracking. It increases rolling resistance, reduces load capacity, and allows excessive flexing in the sidewall. Over-inflation can generate unusual vibrations and cause an uncomfortable driving experience.

Wheel Balancing – It’s essential for the vehicle as it allows the tyre and wheel assemblies to rotate without creating vibrations. Wheel balancing is a crucial part of vehicle maintenance as it leads to better handling, maximum safety and a pleasant ride.

Wheel Alignment – Similar to wheel balancing, wheel alignment is also an essential aspect of tyre care. One must opt for a wheel alignment every 5,000 km for better overall performance and to extend the tyre’s life.

Tyre Rotation – Tyres tend to rotate unequally due to various factors. Tyre rotation is an effective way to have the same tread wear across all four tyres and therefore increase their service life. Consider the vehicle manufacturers recommendations while rotating the tyres. Routine tyre rotation allows your car to handle smoothly.

Tyre Storage – Tyre storage also plays a vital role in maintaining the tyre’s condition. Never stack up tyres on top of one another for a longer duration. Instead, store the tyres in a dry and ventilated area that doesn’t have sunlight exposure.

Driving Speed – Driving at top speeds can result in reduced tyre stiffness due to overheating of rubber. It will ultimately cause excessive tyre wear or tyre damage.

Weight Load – Do not overload the vehicle. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation of the actual load capacity of the tyre. Overloading the car can put additional weight on the tyre, increasing fuel consumption and causing severe damage to its structure.

Tyre Replacement – The life of the tyres depends on several factors, including driving habits, climatic conditions, road conditions, tyre maintenance, etc. All tyres wear out after a point of time and require replacement. Keep checking your tyres’ condition routinely and replace them when they are damaged or worn out.

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